Srikanth is sexy

Mmmeh. He’s alright. : \

Oh Srikanth… :kissy:

He’s ten times the man you could ever be!!!

What’s on his main site? I can’t read anything! :frowning:

This is the worst link you’ve ever given us.

ClothHat posted exactly what I was going to post, right down to the Flea smiley…=(

Thats the worst link I have ever SEEN!

Hmm … he’s handsome in an ugly kinda way …

His real Name is Dave and he comes from India!!

“Dave, India!!”

He’s got a Burt Reynolds 'stache. How can he be NOT sexy? He’s like India’s Burt Reynolds!

Weird… one of my mate’s Dads looks nearly exactly the same!


I dont know, i think he looks…i dont know…GAY!!! I mean who puts flowers all around them, come on. It just looks plain queer.( not saying all hespanics are gay)

Dude, he’s not hispanic. He’s indian. Also hot(t) with a capitol HOT(T)!

i love that defiant neckbeard


For a jesus freak you sure do bash gays alot.

I dont like gay people, and he does like kinda gay, and im sorry he is a gay indian, and what does that emoticon mean trillian?

I’m scared.

And I know men who were pink and like flowers are they gay? You are so stereotypical!

Doesnt the bible promote man loving other man. Does that make God gay?