Dude. I’m pretty sure FF8 came out years before the term “emo” actually existed.

Not that I’m saying it’s entirely inaccurate. Whiners have existed since the dawn of time, but giving them a label other than “whiner”, especially one which is connected to a type of music, doesn’t quite fit, I guess.

Emo was around before Squally, although it had a different meaning. It was originally just hardcore punk with emotions beyond anger. Which wasn’t such a bad idea, really, although it wasn’t such a good idea, either. It started in bands like Fugazi (Ian McKaye, what dumb punk offshoot haven’t you created?), and Jawbreaker/Jets to Brasil, when it really was just music with more personal lyrics and a punk sound. It didn’t get very popular until it becamse the cyloptean, myspace media giant totally different from what it once was with almost no transition.

For the sake of good taste let’s assume they are totally separate things.

Here’s proof of Squall’s emo’ness:

(Note I have no connection with this dood, we just share a similar alias)

Oh God<i>dammit</i> I hate how people use the word “emo” for people that are a little down or anti-social these days.

No one is fucking emo unless they’re crying in the dark over how their parents won’t let them have sex with someone they met on myspace and then cutting themselves to ease the pain because their so hurt by their parent’s decision to “torment them.”

Now shut the fuck up.

Thank you. Fucking, THANK YOU!!! I am sick to death with all the “emo” bashing bullshit.

Why don’t you emos cry about it.

Eh, people always use the word in that manner (seriously, a ton of words are misused on a daily basis, are you gonna crusade against all of them?) so I just file this under the ‘nobody gives a sideways fuck’ rule.

I am SO posting about this in my blog >=(

edit: Awww, fuck. The guy that agreed with me has a blog… the irony.

Actually, I think if someone listens to emo music, they are emo. I’m pretty sure that is, maybe, what the term means.
Could be wrong, though. Maybe “emo” was invented totally seperate from the musical genre featuring similar emotions and sharing the same name that existed before the common use of the term for people.

Oh my god! I have a blog! I must be emo!

No, not really. Not anymore so than the next guy. And I don’t have a problem with emo being used to describe a form of music. Or someone who’s completely emotionally unstable. And like Spoony said, in the long run, no one really gives a damn about the ramblings of internet junkies, so, I’l stop for now.

And to try to stay on topic, I will say Squall sucks. Or, anything about Squall that doesn’t involve his limit breaks suck.

I think I actually want to play FF8 now. I’ll have to find a game shark code that makes it so you always get 100 of a spell when you draw it though. :\

I still to this day wish that the first disk didn’t end with a fake out. (Even though it was by far the best part of the game)

I <3 you. :3

I seldom visit the Online Life section of the forums nowadays; what a pleasant surprise to discover this treasure box –

Thanks for the links Spoony Bard.

Glad to be of service, ma’am. Now, make more Cabinet :smiley:

Thumbs up Spoony and Seifer (I wouldn’t have viewed the vids).

Oh man FF8 is still terrible, I only got past Timber (while cheating the shit out of it) and it still aggravated the hell out of me.

You should see the orphanage scene. Best plot twist ever.

Eh, I kinda liked the apparent solution to the locked-room mystery in theat one episode of Haruhi, myself …