Spiderman 2 Villian!

Doc Ock r0x0rz… I wonder what The Lizard will look like if he’s in a movie…

Seeing Venom and/or Carnage in one of these movies would kick ass.*

*Note: This is the basis of what has been said in this thread. They also reflect my beliefs about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not JUST Carnage! The whole Maximum Carnage STORYLINE! You know, the one that they made that bitchin’ SNES game out of?

That’d rule.

And they would have to make some alternate story about the original symbiote…in the original comic, Spidey got the black costume during that whole Secret Wars shindig.

And BTW, Charle…SW33T avvie. :cool:

Geez. What about all the stuff I managed to accomplish??

Well, you managed to get Xavier and Magneto to “join” and try to take over the world just like everyone else, then you brought everyone in the Marvel and Capcom universes together in the Dimension of Crappily-Drawn Backgrounds. Oh, and then you got beaten up, potentially, by Roll and Jin. And this was in one of the most convoluted X-Men story arcs ever.

Wow, Yar, you’ve successfully combined all of <i>other</i> peoples’ opinions about this into one “super-opinion.”

I can still show him as the biggest moron ever. See how big a moron he is?


I’m at least 95% sure the Lizard will be in the second spiderman movie.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
I’m at least 95% sure the Lizard will be in the second spiderman movie.

He was in the first, just not in his evil form.

Originally posted by Ren
He was in the first, just not in his evil form.

Dwah?! He was? Where?

Lizard, first movie???

Kurt Conners wasn’t in the first movie…

In the first movie I think Peter said was late to Dr.Conners and he got fired I think.

When was this? I don’t think he ever got fired…

When Norman went to his son’s and peter’s place for the first time he said he was late and for fired for it.

I just watched the dvd to confirm.

So he said Conners fired him? I don’t remember him saying that at all :d

Hmm … Now THAT’S interesting! Actually, I think I remember that … kinda …

I never liked Doc Ock, but I must admit, this version looks cool. Now, let’s hope Molina can give him the same pizzazz that Dafoe gave the Goblin.

And I must agree, Venom will likely be the villain for #3.

BTW, have you guys been following the new MTV SpiderMan cartoon? It seems to follow the movie continuity, since Harry hates Spidey for killing his father. And, the Lizard already appeared in it.
The graphics intentionally give the show a comic-book look; the stories also sound like a comic’s. Which is both good and bad- it’s full of cliches on one hand, but on the other, it doesn’t hesitate to show characters being murdered, unlike most american cartoons. Cool show, in general.

No. For one thing, my TV use is limited to videotapes and PS2.

Yea, the MTV Spiderman show is cool, except that they made Harry a blonde. Harry has never been a blonde -_-;; .

In order to really determine who the baddy in the third movie will be we’d have to see the second one, but I’m betting on the lizard mainly.

I think Dr. Connors may be seen in the movie in a scene not long before or after the superspider bites Peter.

That would be cool if the Lizard was in the second movie too, he was my favourite villian in Spiderman.

I heard Black Cat may also be in the movie. Anybody heard it too?

Black Cat? You mean that woman who became a cat burglar and got powers to manipulate probability and give people bad luck?

Yes, Dynamo, we can all see her bio from the Marvel web site on the other browser window you have open.