Spiderman 2 Villian!

The man needs no introduction. I present to you…

The movie just jumped in cool points.

It had already been announced, but I gotta admit that looks cool. I was wondering how they’d pull it off.

Looks pretty good.

Does anyone have an estimated date of release for the sequel?

I heard next summer, July maybe?

Thats about the time I heard.

Hoh… Doc Ock! I had figured it would be him. The next Spiderman should be interesting indeed.

I was more hoping they’d do Venom - because that would help ensure a sequel if they went all the way and did Carnage too.

Venom always comes late in the series.

Well after Doc Ock, they have to go Venom. Who else could it be? Mysterio? Jackal? Rhino? Hammerhead? Tombstone? Chameleon? Vulture? Psh. It HAS to be Venom.

Venom rocks and Carnage is just plain weird… (but cool)
I like the symbiotes…

I really have to get my hands on some actual Spiderman comic books. But yeah, this guy looks cool.

Seems they’re going to follow the actual order that the villains appeared in the comic book timeline. That’s about the only thing besides Spiderman himself, even which they fucked with (His web was a technology he made damnit! >.<).

That looks like it’s really gonna rock.

Except Doc Ock predates the Green Goblin, Xelo.

Doc Ock is pretty cool. :hahaha;

My thinking was, the next movie would introduce vemon, and the NEXT would be the Maximum Carnage storyline. :hahaha;

That would kick SO much ass. Hell, it could still happen…maybe they’ll make four of them. :hahaha;

unless they wrap up the Green Goblin Jr. plotline in the second movie I doubt Venom is getting in the third one, although it’s a very likely possibility.

The first villain in Spidey’s comics is Chameleon, but Doctor Octopus is by far the coolest of the classical Spiderman villains. In fact, he’s the first villain that defeated Spidey.


Yay! Doctor Octopus rules!