Soul Calibur 2

OK, the game’s been aroudn for a bit, but I just got it for the Gamecube and Link > everyone else. Kilik is also cool though…

Anyway, I played the PS2 version and that got me going for SC2 and since I got a Best buy gift card, I decided to pick it up along with the rest of my Christmas shopping.

I was playing Weapon Master mode for about 2 and a half hours I I got up to the last chapter but I had to go to sleep. Must… play… (Gotta wrap presents though…)

Anyway, discuss SC2, write Link sux0rs or rox0rz or whatever else if you have to :stuck_out_tongue:


First off, Nightmare > All, INCLUDING Link, and second, the PS2 got a better controller for SC2. =P

Otherwise, SC2 kicks ass. :slight_smile:

I rented it for my PS2 yesterday. Pretty damn good.

I got it for the GC about a week ago, and i’m highly impressed. I use Maxi, Kilik, and …uhhh…I can’t remember his name, he uses alot of kicks and uses a chinese broadsword. Anyway, great game!

Sc2 rocks, becasue I rule at it! I’m the pimp, and Sc2 is my bitch.

Originally posted by Wertigon

First off, Nightmare > All, INCLUDING Link, and second, the PS2 got a better controller for SC2. =P

Otherwise, SC2 kicks ass. :slight_smile: [/b]

<img src=“”> Weren’t you obsessive about Charade a few weeks ago?

Varan, Yunsung?

Personally, I’m a Raphael man, although I sometimes like to be be cruel and use good ol’ Cervantes.

Well, I don’t like SC2 that much (but I rule at it)

I think it’s really overrated. The gamecube version is only popular because Link’s in it.

Heihachi >>>>>>>>> Link

Nightmare>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everyone else

Yunsung, yeah. He kicks ass.

I don’t like nightmare very much; he’s like the game’s typically cheap character.

Maxi and Raphael are th best fighters. Well, Maxi is a rookie’s favorite because one button and he’s doing a five hit combo, but anyway. What makes the game so fun is the Weapon Master Mode. I’ve found I can beat anyone with Link using the Megaton Hammer. Nightmare is easy to beat, you just gotta know when and how to block. All in all, Raphael is the best.

Maxi just ignores EVERYTHING and goes on a rampage for like 10 minutes when you press any 2 buttons at the same time (this sometimes can cause him to ring himself out :D) Raphael’s pretty cool, but he can be cheap. He’s really fast. Everyone says Kilik’s really cool, but once you can get in his defense with someone faster like Xianghua or Link he’s toast :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing is if you miss with Nightmare, you’re left completely open 90% of the time.

I like Raphael because he can be uber cheap against computers with his forward B combo. It works about 75% of the time to trap the computer and at any rate it’s a life saver in some of the Weapon Master missions.

Nightmare’s honestly not that good. If you know how to guard impact, he’s screwed because his attacks are slow enough that anybody can see them coming. Nightmare’s just a newbie killer.

Maxi is funny because you can keep mashing buttons and continue to hit. I did it once in practice, and the game counted it as a 4000 damage combo.

I use Xianghua and Mina.

Yungsung < All :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, there’s also more to weapon master mode. There’s a second set of missions and secret areas.

I’m all about the Talim.

Cervantes and Kilik all the way.

I like Yungsung:( Cervantes though…the name sounds familiar, but I can’t bring to mind who that is.

Cervantes is the pirate with dual swords. Arr

Do you have to unlock him somehow? I don’t seem to remember him.

I got this ages ago, and I have to boast, but I absolutely tore through weapon master mode as if it weren’t there :hahaha; I’ve got the GCN version, which is pretty poor for a die-hard Mitsurugi user like me to discover he’s almost unusable now :too bad; (I’ve been playing SoulBlade/Calibur 1 for 6 years now so I have a few opinions about it :get it?: ). Nightmare is easily the best character, simply because of the speed with which he can turn round and attack from all angles. Equip him with his best weapon and he’s almost invincible.

Other favourites include Necrid- surprised he’s not been mentioned yet- as one of the best kickers in the game, and Seung Mina is as unexpectedly strong as ever. :hahaha;

You unlock Cervantes in (I think) chapter 3 or 4 of weapon master mode, btw, so it’s pretty straight forward to get too. Unlocking Assassin, Lizard Man and Berserker- now THAT’s a challenge.

Originally posted by Varan the Red
Do you have to unlock him somehow? I don’t seem to remember him.
You have to beat Cervantes in Weapon Master.