Soul Calibur 2 cosplay.. extreme

Dude, this guy’s Nightmare outfit kicks ASS.

Pretty sweet. It looks torture to actually wear though. Pretty much the only breathing gap he has is those eyeholes, which are awkward in any case 9_9

I refuse to say any cosplay kicks ass.

That crotch-protector is frickin’ HUGE!

Oooooooooooo. nice.

Very well made, but still looks like shit.

i love that sword ^-^

That right arm must have been a bitch to make.

This looks shopped.

I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time.

I bet that took a long time to make.

You know Nightmare, your consistently brilliant posts astound me. You have the unique ability to both say the obvious and say absolutly nothing all at once.


Anyone else get the feeling that guy is really short?

I do, BMO. However, Nightmare is only 5’6"

I would say that is cool looking, but then I would be saying a cosplayer is cool…which they are not.

Just off the left-hand side of the picture is the man with the airport trolley who has to wheel the otherwise-immobile Nightmare-wannabe-man-thing around the convention

“Blood, darkness, come unto me! LEFT TURN! TAKE ME TO THE DONUT STAND!”

LAWL, its funny cause its true… :hahaha;

Let’s Try this:

“Glucose… Give me strength!” (in SC2 Nightmare is regually heard saying “Souls… Give me strength” as you start any battle with him))

I think its a “life sized” Model.

I wonder if the sword blinks…?

Seems to be standing up on its own REALLY well without any form of support to be a life-sized model. And to whomever said it was shopped, I highly doubt it was. You say you are a regular with those sort of things, but what parts do you think aren’t real?

It looks good, but certainly not impossible to make.

In edited news:

Hes not only a cosplayer but it wasnt photoshopped either, nubs:

Look closely at the helmet in the eyes area. This guy’s eyes and the shape of his head are really weird. Unless that’s also part of the costume I don’t think it’s a cosplay. But then, it those are part of the costume, the guy must be completely blind when inside that thing.