Sonic X

I’ve recently gotten reaquinted with the old Sonic cartoons I used to watch as a kid, and enjoyed that greatly. Ahh, nostalgia.

Then, I stumbled on some episodes of Sonic X and decided to check why everyone was screaming bloody murder about its storyline. I only had to watch one of the intros to get that.

WHO thought it’d be neat to mix Sonic with Gundam and DBZ?!
Granted, I haven’t kept up with the games so feel free to smack me if I’m a late bloomer as usual. My point still stands. WTF mate? Shiny golden hedgehogs fighting mechas in space? HUH?

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m watching and laughing with it. The concept just boggles my mind.)

Uhm, Weiila? We had shiny golden hedgehogs fighting mechas in Sonic 2.

If you cheated anyways. Ehehehe…

Dood, I never owned a megadrive. The only contact I ever had with the Sonic games were my first boyfriend and A-L, and they couldn’t get very far.

He wasnt talking about the Megadrive. Unless that’s what you call the Genesis in Sweden.

That’s a great idea tho. Combine one shit-terrible anime with two other shit-terrible anime. The crapfest that would result from that would be beyond comprehension.

I think we can sum up everything outside of the cartoon with “Weiila has no freaking idea what Sega has been up to in the last twenty years”. :kissy:

Aw, DR, don’t say that about Sonic though. The original cartoons were really charming, especially SatAM. They even made Robotnic scary in that one.

The Megadrive is, indeed, a European Genesis.

Fair enough. Let’s not get into Sonic 3, which the last stage for Sonic is chasing down Dr. Robotnik in a huge robot as Super Sonic.

No, I agree with you, the old sonic cartoons (the one based on the game, and the one in Knothole based on the comic) were awesome. That Sonic X is fucking horrible tho. A- It’s by 4Kids, who shouldnt be allowed to be within 1000 ft. of any anime, and B- Jaleel White doesnt voice Sonic.

And I didnt know they called the Genesis the Megadrive in Europe. My mistake.

Which one was the cartoon in which Robotnik had practically conquered the world and Sonic & Co. were hiding in a forest base?

DR: No worries, I could have made that clearer myself :slight_smile:

That was SatAM :slight_smile:

Thanks, so it’s called SatAM? They aired that here ages ago together with the other cartoon (Right after the Chaos Emerald chapters) as if they were one series, but only five or six chapters so I’ve always wanted to watch the rest. I’ll see if I can find it somewhere.

Well, some things about Sonic X did strike me as odd, but overall, I think this series is interesting. Of course it’s a thousand times better to have the original Japanese voices with subtitles than the dorky dub voices. And I fail to understand why they had to tamper with the intro. The original version is much better.

As for the WTF factor, I was a bit surprised at the first episode, with all those Gundam-like machines and all, but I’m enjoying the series. As for the golden hedgehogs part, well, it’s nothing new to me, since I’ve been the proud owner of a Mega Drive for years on end, and Sonic games, especially Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles (too bad that lock-on technology was never used again), so I was already pretty much used to the Chaos Emeralds and the Super forms. Back when the first Sonic cartoons were being aired around here, I used to complain about how they had never seemed to add any new stuff, since it looked like they had just taken some stuff from Sonic 2, and the Emeralds episodes had absolutely nothing to do with the Chaos Emeralds from the games.

Some things in Sonic X will probably seem a little odd, but at least now there’s more to Sonic than just hitting on girls at some random beach, and all the other characters from the games finally have the chance to show up.

I’ve seen 4 differnt Series of Sonic. Three were shown in the same slot. I think they all had the same V/A for Sonic for both this and the Cube games

Sonic “2”
It is loosely based on the Sonic 2. They added a few characters, some are based off the baddies of Sonic and Sonic 2. And What are emralds? I prefre Chilli-dogs… Was very episodic.

I was a surpised about this one, but I felt a bit cheated by the fact Knuckles didn’t appear not there was little conection to the games, or what I had seen of them.

Sorry TV Execs I thought Diggit is better… It was so based on SatAM…

Sonic X
It seems to be Based on SA and later… but changed to make a story good, but the Emralds seems to be the big point than the games. Voices seem to Close to the games…


Recently I was at a dollar general and a came across a DVD with episodes from an old Sonic cartoon. Only it wasn’t the good one. It was some other series called Sonic Underground. The plot involved Sonic and two other hedgehog (who turn out to be his brother and sister) trying to stop Robotnic using crysal that turn into musical instruments. Yeah I know it dosn’t make much since to me either.

That this offending Sonic Show…

The best thing was the Ending…

This thread has been claimed in the names of Scratch and Grounder. Truly, they were Robotnik’s greatest work.


I’m not a fan of the way Sega took the games, let alone the cartoons. I thought Sonic X was abysmal. Let’s take a likeable, optimistic, wise-cracking Sonic, and turn him into a despicable, arrogant tosspot. Even Eggman has more charisma. And for fun, let’s do what everyone does these days - throw in the angsty, whiny ‘dark’ alter ego.

Grah. Ruined a once-great franchise. Super Saiyan hedgehogs make me die a little inside each time I see them ;_;

SatAM was the best series for a ‘serious’ plot. And the ‘Adventures of’ for outright comedy. Plus ONLY JALEEL WHITE CAN VOICE SONIC D:

Let’s just forget Sonic Underground ever existed . . . >.>

[QUOTE=LunarCry]IGrah. Ruined a once-great franchise. Super Saiyan hedgehogs make me die a little inside each time I see them ;_;QUOTE]
So you only liked the first sonic game ::dekar!:: ?

Not at all. I never said I had a problem with Super Sonic in general. But he wasn’t portrayed in the games the same way Sonic X took him, which was cheesy, crap, with a ridiculous range of irrelevant ‘super’ powers (like random healing when people needed it) and Super Saiyanish XP. Personally I really liked the way the UK Sonic The Comic dealt with Super Sonic - energised with chaos and driven to maniacal levels of destruction XD There was never any reason the chaos energy that transforms him shouldn’t do exactly what it did to Dr Kintobor. See attachment :smiley:

… man, LC, he looks funky O_o

Probably looks a bit dated, for the most part. Sonic The Comic is back from 1993 XD