something... to eat

This is in Beijing…

Want some more?

I don’t eat anything I can’t identify.

nice… i’ll have some of the yellow stuff

It’s OK to eat these, if you consider it as normal food.

thay trays they’re sittin on look more appitizing

Sure heh. When i was in Hong Kong for awhile, I ate weird stuff (By american standards) and it turns out much of it is pretty good =)



Centipedes are edible ?!

Holy Shit !!!

Tarantula… mmmmm… juicy… <.< >.>

Umm… no… I’m not eating that hairy spider, thanks for the offer, though O.o

Edit : And right before lunchtime must I read this thread -_-;;

All that protein is good for you. Eat up.

You know, I once said I’d try anything once. I was wrong. There is no way in Hell I’ll eat a spider.

Mmm, roaches and maggots… eat them before they eat you!

Our school cantine sells stuff like that.

I’d probably try some of that stuff at least once, if I got the chance.

Looks fairly appetizing to me, really.

As disgusting as that all is, you do have to wonder if they’re grown and harvested.

I’ve had grosser things in my mouth, right, Sin?

Yeah your mom! OHHHHHHHHHH…

Sorry I couldn’t help it.

Thats what you said last night!


And spiders shouldn’t be eaten, they should be kept as pets. While dogs shouldn’t be kept as pets, and should be eaten in much larger quantities. *Nod, nod.

…I just finished eating when I read this. O_o


I first saw it…and thought “hey, this looks good!”…until I actually saw what it was…