Something I can't stand about Toronto

We still have arcades? O_o

On the plus side, folks, our snowbanks have shrunk down to a few inches and we’re looking at temperatures above 10 degrees for the weekend. Whee!

There were a few…but it’s been 4-5 years since I’ve visited. Are they all gone? :bowser:

Well, I don’t crawl the streets as much as visitors might. I never went to them even when we had them. ^^;

There is one near Yonge and Dundas but that might have converted to mostly net gaming. I did see one at Pacific Mall and Highway 7 and Leslie at Commerce Gate plaza where they have the sitdown version.

Toronto has this guy:

That’s worth something, I guess.

Moran may be an internetophile but his section of the biochem course is really, <i>really</i> awful and boring on top of that. Also he’s kind of a jerk, but you can tell that by reading his blog.

Denver doesn’t have a measure of violence.

O wait.

You know what Denver DOES have?

Oh yes. A winning hockey team.

I just wanted to point out, in YVR the Caucasian population now makes up 49%; gogo largest minority population in Canada.


I was there for about 24 hours a few weeks ago. It did seem rather odd that the airport signs were in English, French and Chinese.

wtf is yonge and what language is that supposed to be?

What’s up with Guelph? What kinda fucking name is that anyway?

Canada has the best names

The city of Medicine Hat in Saskatchewan, for example

It’s in Alberta. >:O


Well at least Saskatchewan still has Moosejaw

I was about to say Moose Jaw. 8-(


Antelope, Labrador
Badger Bay
Bass River
Bear Lake
Bear River
Beaver Creek
Beaver Dam
Big Trout Lake
Black Duck Cove
Cat Lake
Deer Lake
Duck Bay
Eagle River
Eel Ground
Elk Point
Falcon Lake
Fox Creek
Fox Valley
Fox Warren
Moose Jaw
Moose Lake
Oyster River
Red Deer
Salmon Arm
Seal Cove
Swan Lake
Swan River
Trout Lake
Trout River
Trout Creek
White Fox

… And this just off the top of my head :wink:

I was always fond of Moose Factory, myself.

Damn, Canada does have the best names.

And I strongly disagree with the thread starter: Yonge is an awesome name. So awesome I wouldn’t know what to do with it.