Something I can't stand about Toronto

It wasn’t snow, it was snail. Snow and hail mixed to form an instant layer of slush on the ground that melted within 45 minutes. Such fucked up weather lately, oh well hopefully the cold snap killed some of the pine beetles.


I didn’t say I was dressed in summer clothing. I just wasn’t dressed in polar bear wear! I was dressed in what we consider winter wear: a jacket and jeans.

Hmm… there’ll be plenty of people walking around like that when the weather’s just slightly warmer… once we get a decent string of 7- or 8-degree weather, at least. We’re almost there, I hope!

Who mentioned Detroit? Besides, I’d rather have a winning football team than a hockey team. I’d also like a basketball team that doesn’t go far into the season and then start choking. I’m looking at you Mavericks. grumble

Hades was stating that having a winning hockey team (Stars) makes up for having gang violence. Epic countered that Detroit still sucks ass, making the implication that having a winning hockey team (Red Wings) does not make up for having gang violence and whatnot. Really, it’s not that difficult.

See, someone who wasn’t aware that Detroit had a hockey team wouldn’t find it so easy to decipher. Texas isn’t hockey country; I can count the number of people who know that the Stars are a successful team on one hand that I’ve met.

This conversation needs to be realigned towards the stupidity which is the word / name Yonge and how it should be banished from all languages.

Yonge. Yonge. Yonge. Yonge. Yonge.

Yeah it’s pretty dumb imo.

I’m completely missing this point, frankly. There are hundreds of weirder words.

How does one say Yonge?
Like Yawnj, or rhyming with long, etc.

Same as “young”

(or, if you prefer, same as “Jung” of Carl Jung fame)

I’d rather have a winning football team than a hockey team.
You should be killed. And you would be up here, swiftly. And rightly.

And detroit doesn’t count cause I hate the Wings.

Your logic is unbreakable I am ruined.

Well that’s what happens when you talk to me

I just remembered a line from Canadian Bacon: “…surrender pronto or we’ll level Toronto!”.

And what’s up with all your shootings and gang violence, esp in the metro?

Re: gangs and guns - this has become the most important issue facing the city of Toronto for many residents according to a recent poll.
And yet, an interesting factoid – Toronto was rated as the best North American city for quality of life by Foreign Direct Investment magazine in 2007.

That’s strange. I was under the impression that Vancouver consistently outranks us in that.

Vancouver no longer has a “foreign district”. It’s now “Vancouver” and pockets of “Not Chinese”.

Yeah, when I was at YVR I noticed that all the signs were in English, French and Chinese.

FDI ranks T.O as the numero uno – the cost of living, lodging in particular, could be a factor here. But The Economist and Mercer follow the trend by ranking Vancouver above Toronto.

Been there many times, and always heard it pronounced “young”. And each time, I’ve gotten my ass kicked by an asian in whatever version of Street Fighter is in the front of the arcades.