So...why's the site dead?

I’ve been coming here for years, but I noticed that there’s no activity…so i came here…what’s up with that? Is RPGC dead?

People grew up and got jobs, basically.

Any attempt at reviving this site has failed to date. We’re like those old school vampires that need the blood of the young to feast upon or we just can’t cut the mustard anymore when it comes to these things.

It’s not dead, its state has just changed over time. Like everything else. It will only die when absolutely nobody posts in it anymore (and I’ve seen that happen to other boards.) You want to help keep it alive? Post, even if it’s spur-of-the-moment stuff.

I guess…so anyone wondered what happened to Uriel?

That, and there really haven’t been any really good RPGs to shrine, although there are a few that would be if they didn’t have so much stuff in them. Trying to shrine an RPG that takes 80 hours to complete and well over 200 to see and do everything is really really time consuming as you have to play through it once just to see if its worth shrining in the first place, then again to build a general walkthrough as well as remind them of all the stupid stuffs they glazed over the first time.

Also, I don’t know how to get screen shots off a DS and onto a computer.

Okay, A) Who are you? and B) How did you get such awesome information on Uriel? How do we know that this is Uriel? Hilarious all the same though, Gwinnett county here in Georgia used to post the pictures of people who had gotten arrested that day, it was good for a laugh.

It’s not dead, only sleeping. Like a mummy in a b-movie.

Yeah I’ve been using this site for years as well! Nulani’s right! Plus, it just won’t be the same when all the original members leave… I know no one wants to think about it! :frowning:

On another note… it’s kind of funny how many times this topic has been brought up over the course of the RPGCs lifetime… It’s gotta be at least 5 -10 times! That just shows how much everyone is connected to the RPGC! It’s not going to die anytime soon… that’s for sure!

I’m guessing he was joking, since that convict’s name is uriel?

No…that’s him. That’s Uriel. He talks of this website still to this day.


Well…I knew Uriel while I was in prison with him a few years ago. He’s an ok guy (when on his meds).

Prove it.

I used to be his boyfriend…lol

umh… phoenix down anyone?

This thread is getting harsh weird.

How is that? This isn’t weird.

I had no idea that people’s criminal records where accessable online like this. Interesting.

If that’s suppose to be you, it says you don’t get out until 2014. How are you using the Internet?