so..who got in? :)

to the wow beta that is… not me of course. :frowning:
btw hi all :slight_smile:

I’m supposed to get a key from work…

Nope, didn’t get in :
nice to see you, though, luna :smiley:

:too bad; i didnt get in eaither :frowning:

Hopefully i will get a chance when they send out the next set of emails.

I tried, but no luck. And welcome back to RPGC, Luna.

It was never even an option for me because Duquesne’s servers make it all but impossible to play multiplayer online games:too bad;

By the way, I don’t believe we have met. Salve! I am demigod.

Not me, hopefully next phase :smiley:

Luna! I still remember all the hot sweaty nights we had in D2. That was fun. You were a lot better than me at it though ;_;

I didnt know people that manually masturbate zoo animals for artificial insemination got sneak peaks on video games.

PS: Xelo also manually masturbates MY MOTHER!

hello… wow?

am i the only one who’s not following

WoW means: World of Warcraft, the MMORPG Blizzard is currently beta testing.

holy … i dont think i want to know about THAT stuff. lol

btw, i remember u from d2 hades, how u been? :slight_smile:

LMAO steve, where u get that pic? LOLOL YOINK!!

I got in. But I’m playing Lineage 2 Beta instead and really not interested in World of Warcraft anymore, so I gave it to someone else.

I’m pleasantly surprised. No-one linked to the PA comic. Score one for conversation! :smiley:

And if they’d have made it available for Europe I would have tried. I know technically it was, but still…

Nope…I didn’t get in either. Too bad I couldn’t have been as lucky as I was with the Frozen Throne beta. ><

Welcome back, Luna. I’ve never actually met you, but I’ve seen your name mentioend on RPGC. :slight_smile:

Arg, I wish I could have gotten in… Omega, WC3, wtfplz

is the l2 beta worth the 1.1gig dl?..

OFX, don’t forget the numbers. Frozen Throne had approximately 100 000 applications and took 10 000 people for the first two waves (Which were within a week of each other).

WoW on the other hand, had 400 000 applications, and took only about 5 000 people for now, since their servers are limited.

<img src=“”> I know the topic is about World of Warcraft, but I will go offtopic to say welcome back Luna. By the way, I know you don’t cover it at Relm of Hyrule, but I am still working on a shrine to the remake of Legend of Zelda, BS Zelda. I hope you check it out under the join page, as your are a pro at Zelda and would be helpful in finishing this. gives Luna some flowers


i havent played any of the zelda games since part of majora’s mask. lol… what kind of help would u need for your stuff? i can try to remember things from 1 to 5 tho… hehe