so..who got in? :)

<img src=“”> Just wonder if I am doing a good job on the shrine. I tend to make the worst grammar errors ever (ask Cless Alvein, he would know :D). Here a link to the shrine in question.

Again, sorry if I went offtopic.

hm, looks good to me. as far as grammar/spelling goes, i’d just use the word spell check thing :slight_smile: i didnt notice any probs tho

I’m guessing if you’re complaining about the size, you’re either on a slow connection or have little space. If it’s the first, it’s definitely not worth DLing. At least not until they add more beta servers. It’s been a lot more popular than they expected it would be, and as such, it’s EXTREMELY laggy at most times. But judging from what I saw in closed beta, once things even out, it’ll be a good game. You just might get a bad first impression of it if you were to go and try it out at this moment.