So what is everyone watching these days?

I have a quite shows that I am watching/following right now:

Eureka 7 - Hoverboards, and mechs on hoverboards. Awesome show, the plot has been great the last few episodes. Definitely check it out, although I wish Nanashi subbed them faster :confused:


Mobile Suit Double Zeta Gundam - It’s a fun show, and the second half has been good so far. The lack of Char saddens me though :frowning:

The Vision of Escaflowne - Awesome show so far. Only saw the first three eps, and I like what I am seeing. Mechs with swords are cool >_>

Rozen Maiden : Trauemend - The dolls are cute, and the plot has been interesting. The first season was good, and this one has alot of potential as well.

Shakugan no Shana - Main characters are both, interesting. The plot has been interesting so far, and it looks like the male lead might actually be a useful immortal being rather than a pointless immortal being >_>. Shana is cute and baddass at the same time.


Blood + - The plot has been predictable, but it’s well executed. I am glad that the show isn’t all action, and actually has cool settings and characters.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s - Much better than the first season. The first season had a terrible beginning, but a good second half. This one has really cool fight scenes, and Signum is awesome.

Mai Otome - Midori is evil! :OOOOOOO

Sexy Commando - This is amazing. Watch it. Just, do it.


Guyver TV - has the potential to be much better than the old OVA.

Noein - Animation is awesome. Plot’s been interesting so far, and the characters are cool. <3 Karasu

Pani Poni Dash - Hilarious.

Diebuster/Gunbuster 2 - where is ep 4

And I ordered MazinKaiser a while ago, and it should arrive soon.

Elfen Lied
Not the kind of thing that you would watch twice, but a very good show nonetheless. I was really surprised that such a crude story had a passably happy ending.

Gundam SEED
Still on chapter 18 and will remain so until my aunt lends me her PC again. My only other experiences with Gundam were Wing and Endless Waltz, so it’s not like it had to work too hard to beat any high standards. I like it a lot and Kira is for the time being still under the acceptable level of Shinjiness. He also gets laid which is something that happens… hell, almost never in these shows. Cruz/Kruz/Kuruuze is not as good a Masked Genius Commander™ as Zechs, but the impossible to spell guy from the Archangel (The pilot of Mobile Armor Zero) makes up for that.

Why are the explosions pink?

Ehhh… I liked the manga better. Giving Nagi and Midori more screen time and making Fujino a HiME were good but mostly everything else was quite bad, especially Tate getting nerfed beyond recognition. Mai is good eye candy and all, but Tate was SO much better as the lead that it’s not even funny. Mai’s brother was also a better Obsidian Lord than vice president what’s-his-name.

Martian Successor Nadesico
Awesome. The show in itself is good, but the parody is excellent. I swear Gekiganger could have been a real Super Robot Show a decade and a half ago and we would have all thought it was awesome. The Gekiganger theme is great too :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the things that caught my attention the most was the contrast between what one usually sees in television and the reality. Like that guy from Gekiganger dying heroically while Jiro/Gai is miserably shot in an instant with no slow-motion movements or dramatic background music. Just BANG and he’s dead. That was really well done.

Saint Seiya: The Hades Saga
If you don’t know what this is, shame on you. It doesn’t need any description: It’s always the same deal, and it’s always AWESOME.

Super-powered fights with horribly cheesy dialogues and characters with such personalities that they could have been contemporaries of Voltron. It’s a very mindless show, but it’s nice to see stuff like this from time to time.

Vandread & Vandread: The Second Stage
LOVED IT. I haven’t liked a show this much in ages. It gets really corny by the end with constant dialogues of the “FOR GREAT JUSTICE!” type (Which is a pretty funny detail, considering the opening :P) but it’s just one of those shows that you don’t take too seriously but still manage to get you immersed. The characters are great and I especially adore Hibiki, one of the only mecha pilots ever that don’t piss me off. He’s just so cliched and corny I can’t help but love him. The 3D animation is done surprisingly well and while you don’t get Gundam-style dynamism, it still looks very good. The plot is predictable but it still manages to throw some really shocking blows Holy shit, Buzam!? and some quasi-predictable yet all the same great bits <3 Gascogne.

It’s also funny how they named all the chapters after songs, and the opening Trust (First season) is amongst my favorites. All in all, a show that is so mediocre that it’s just awesome.

All of those plus;


Pani Poni Dash


And minus Double Zeta and Traumend.

I didn’t like Shuffle from what I saw of it (first 5 eps).

Is psycho kaede really worth it?

I don’t know. I’m up to #14 in the middle of the godawful Primula arc. Gonna tough it out though.

Totally worth it.

Currently watching:

Full Metal Alchemist - Very cool show, I am about half way through it so far, so I expect a few more twists. Should be interesting.

Just finished watching:

Fruits Basket - Not bad, a bit on the cutesy side throguh.

Air - Okay now this was confusing. It was making sense until the main character turned into, as far as I can tell, a TIME-TRAVELLING CROW! Okay what the hell!?

And I will be starting to watch some more in a few weeks, but I’m not sure what yet.

When I posted in a topic like this I said Bleach and Tsubasa were the major series, and someone said I wasn’t hip

No otakus are hip

If you were implying I was behind the times, that’s not true. BEcause I have acccess to pretty recent stuff. And no, it’s not just animesuki, that site really sucks now

I’m not watching anything right now really because i’ve been playing a lot of video games

A few weeks ago i saw this really gay hentai called Sensitive Pornograph and it was really funny

Before that I saw a series called Beet the Vandel Buster which was from the makers of Dragon Quest Dai’s ADventure. So it was kind of like Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball Z. It’s awesome. It had a really cool fantasy world and some cool monsters. And some of the fights were multiple-episode fight scenes done right

Then before that I saw Hunter X Hunter ovas. It’s also a dragon ball clone. There were 3 series in it, the first is 90s outdated cell stuff, after that they go in a video game called greed island to collect cards. But they don’t battle with the cards, they just beat each other up to collect all the cards. It was pretty good, but i don’t really remember what happened

So yeah. I saw some stuff this year, but not as much as usual, cause of my gaming

I also have the Z Gundam series and futakoi alternative, KO Beast, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Great Teacher Onizuka, and Kimagure Orange Road to watch that are stashed away. And others

Kare Kano


2x2 Shinobuden.

Like I said, uhm. >_>


Shinobuden is awesome.

I’m not really following any anime series at the moment.

I just finished watching Peacemaker, Honey and Clover, and Vision of Escaflowne. I liked them all but Escaflowne bothered me to no end. Hitomi just irked me.


I’m watching Sailor Moon. :smiley:

Pani Poni Dash

Creepiest anime character ever.

That’s hawt

I just saw a hentai called Enzai and it was yaoi. It advertised a site to a message board that was basically a bunch of girls and gay guys. They all had bishonen in their avatars. It was nuts

REally. There’s gay message boards now

I watch the television…ok, ill tell ya. Well, i normally watch like adult swim and other things, but mainly cartoons.

OMG! That is BAD for you!

Well i only saw 2 yaoi before so I was just being open minded

They weren’t that great, though. Sensitive Pornograph was funny as hell, though

Hooligan is another funny hentai. It’s straight

Are you kidding? I’ve watched it 4 times so far. Still makes me cry. Passably happy ending? The last minute of the last episode, maybe, but the ending is more than just the last minute. Kurama and Mariko’s death. Kouta’s realization that his friend whom he possibly loves murdered his father and sister. These are not things that create a happy ending.



Melody of Oblivion (It’s really, really bad. So bad it’s funny. Sometimes, at least.)