So there's this guy..

He might be able to kill you, and he would if he could. You could kill him just as easily too, with virtually no blame. What would you do?

I think that the answer here is pretty obvious, you would kill him. You aren’t going to just turn your back on someone who hates your guts, especially because chances are he can kill you. Even if the chances are small, you’ve gotta be fucking retarded to risk that, I don’t care how “moral” or whatever the fuck you are trying to be. Think.

I wouldn’t get into a situation where a man hated me so much he wanted to kill me

could just incompassitate him. Then again, I doubt I’d get into such a situation with anyone.

Yeah, probably, but if the situation arose I’d try to at least knock him out or to have other people with me.

i’d spark up a joint and he’d forget about it.

I’d do the same thing without the joint.

Point and nelsonlaugh.

Don’t worry Ramza, the movie “Saw” would never actually happen.

Anyway, the wise thing to do would be to befriend him, and get him to kill your other enemies >_>;;

I’d knife that motherfucker. I’m ice cold bitch.

Incapacitate him and run like hell.

jedi mind tricks

Knock his ass out and take his wallet with all his credit cards. :toast:

Cut off his arms and legs so he couldn’t do anything.

Walk away…

If he strikes me down, I shall become more powerful than he would ever have imagined.

I;d tell the school administration.

Save me Obi-wan Kenobi! You’re our only hope!

You see that is why I carry a swithblade with me…(did I say that out loud?)<< >>;;

Your sig pic scorches my eyes with the intensity of a thousand solar eclipses, Mitsuko. God Green Day are ugly.

I would never get into any situation like that. But on the very off chance I did, I would try to talk them out of it first. And when that doesn’t work, just focus on hitting certain areas, before taking my leave.