So. shitty movie:

You are in your hometown, (back) in high school.

There is a monster that goes around, killing virgins.

This information is known to you.

You are a virgin.

You, and your group of same-sex friends are cornered in a classroom.

There is no means of escape.

There is no means of fighting it.

There is only one way to survive.

Would you?

Does it HAVE to be Anal virginity? Won’t oral do, or something?

I’m not saying I’m ADVERSE to anal sex, I jsut want to go over my options, as it were.

Has to be anal.

See, that seems a bit odd to me. I mean, there are two holes, why is one any better than the other?

'cause you have to take your pants off to get to one of them?

Ah, I wish I could quote my friend on this, about some Stephen King book… “It”, I think. But it involves inappropriate mentions of children having sex and the question of why they “didn’t just do a bukkake on a rock instead”. And if you’re one of the few mercifully spared from knowing what that is, take my advice and don’t look it up.

As for the question, bring on the monster. :enguard: I’d be the bookworm, either way. Doesn’t that give me greater chances of survival in these kinds of things?

Well, you have to take into account that monsters generally SPARE the virgins, so I guess in this case the roles are reversed.

Hn. Well, guess I’ll just go down in a blaze of gory glory then. Armed with a chair, or something.

I’d summon Bahamut. :slight_smile:

(Hey, so long as there are virgin-eating monsters, I might as well be able to summon GFs to fight for me.)

But if not then hey, losing one’s virginity is no big deal. But I’d definitely try fighting first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Girls, pretend you are a guy. There thread saved.

I’ll eventually get over losing any virginity, especially with motivation like that. I doubt I’ll get over being dead so quickly.

Yes, even if there was no monster.

Nope, I’d rather fight to the death.

If it’s just one pentration, I’ll lose it.

If they have to ejaculate in me, I’m conflicted.

I use the one pointer that teachers use to point at the board and stab it with that then I would through heavy hardcover books at it then desks then pencils,etc.,etc.,etc.

Funny, I see no women going on about yaoi.

Well, this is very serious business indeed. Each person needs to think ahead on hypotheticals like this - then everyone’s prepared should the unthinkable happen.

I’m wondering what Eden would vote on this poll

“Bishie love for all!”

Or something like that. :wink:

Is he ugly (the man, not the monster)?