So I'm playing Super Metroid for the first time ever...

… yeah, I never had a Super Nintendo and only played RPGs during my emulator years. But I had at some point downloaded this game to my Wii.

I have only one thing to say about it.


Are Swedish meatballs in Sweden just called meatballs?

Well, the exact translation is meatbuns, but close enough.

Interesting. The More You Know

Super Metroid Rocked my cock. I remember renting it from a mom and pop video store back in the day, and since me and the owner went back, she let me keep it for as long as I wanted. I dont remember where I got stuck, but I wouldn’t finish the game until several years later when I bought it used at Gamestop.

On a related note, I went on to work at said video store, and donated my VCR since theirs stopped working, and in return she let me just take any game I wanted. Just like that. I chose Ico, but it wouldn’t play on my PS2. :frowning: I settled on SH2 instead.

I take it that you’re past the Wrecked Ship.

I remember that part freaking me out back when I first played it along side the Skull Forest dungeon of LttP.

The whole thing freaked me out. Something about being alone in claustrophobic subterranean corridors filled with vicious aliens and frantic operatic music isn’t very appetizing to a 9 year old’s mind.

Ironically, I loved Contra III :confused: Probably because the music made me feel like I was on the offensive, as opposed to swimming through magma while being hunted by a giant bionic T-rex with nothing to save me but a flimsy biosuit and the unsolicited sacrifice of a freak jellyfish.

I would have thought the welfare state in Sweden mandated a SNES for each family. That’s a serious failing. But yeah, SM has some creepy areas. Or it may be the music. Or both.

Super Metroid is one of those games that I can revisit any time and still thoroughly enjoy.

If you like this, you should look into acquiring a copy of Metroid Fusion for the GBA. It’s a lot more linear than Super, but still very good.

And even more fucking terrifying.

Yeah, the ghosts kind of freaked me out as a kid, myself. Not a lot, but enough to make me put the game down for a long time.

Yeah, shocking, ain’t it Rig? XD

I just can’t get over that I’m running around in a freaky sci-fi setting and then suddenly they toss ghosts at me. That was freakin’ random. Oh wait, there’s that giant ghost space eel haunting a ghost ship in Ratchet and Clank 3, too… but that might just have been inspired by SM, come to think of it.

I got stuck in the water world and took to digging out my issues of the second gaming magazine to ever hit Sweden (Super Power) because I remembered they had a walkthrough. And lo and behold, I found it. Wow, there WAS some good reason I saved all those magazines apart from that they’d probably be worth a fair buck for collectors these days.

Zero Mission’s better. Get that instead.

They’re not ghosts, they’re, um, alien ectoplasmic lifeforms. Yeah that’s the ticket! :stuck_out_tongue:

BIG spoiler: Samus is a WOMAN! :eek:

Any gameover would have told her that. On that note Other M spoiler: she’s also a DoA titja

Weiila, Super Metroid may be my “stuck most often” game of all time. I mean, really often. I’m glad to hear these magazines turned out to be useful for something: I had a similar case with Breath of Fire II (only regarding element combinations).

As for M Fusion and M Zero, both are great. Zero is more open-ended, but it’s almost impossible to die (special sequence aside) and Fusion is better scripted and still has plenty of poking around if you try to go for 100%. Both of them great games (and now I have to decide which Metroid I’ll be spending my time with the next couple of days).

I used to look longingly into these magazines when they reviewed Super Nintendo games, especially RPGs. I even found where they first starts talking about “the biggest thing in Japan right now” with some horribly ugly screenshots - two of which would have to be from early development because I know they’re not in the game (I don’t recall being attacked by sheep monsters in the campfire scene or that the worldmap was that slanted). Ahh, nostalgia.

Anyway, like I said I haven’t been exposed to Metroid much. While playing through Subspace Emissary on SSB:B, my friend commented on that fans speculate Ridley being in love with Samus. Oh, fandom…

One or two indicate that they represent the eternal battle of two opposing warriors, destined to always fight no matter how many times they may duel, creating a bond deeper than any love, being forged on the battlefield. I prefer that theory, although yes, I’ve seen stories in which they - well. Let’s just say it’s best not to think about logistics of that.

Those fans must have read the manga then because I believe it actually suggests this to be the case.

So you’re suggesting that love CAN blossom on the battlefield.


A link is fine too. I just have a freaking hard time to imagine it as I vaguely remember a comic of ChildSamus seeing Ridley burn her home to cinders and having a jolly good time knowing a kid was being traumatised by it all.

If that was because you couldn’t get them, you are probably my long-lost sister or something similar.

As for inter-species alien “love”, what I I’ve learnt from Alien:Resurrection is that a vigorous dose of handwaving solves a lot of problems.

Besides, everyone knows Metroid is a battle between Mother Brain and the patriarchal Chozo. The same Chozo who keep Samus fettered by technology while it’s clear that her true potential is achieved when she embraces the way of the nature, as seen in the end of SM. It is the mother-child bond that effects that, too!. Let’s not even talk about how Samus is committing genocide against a whole race, how the space pirates are disregarding all bioethics in their experimenting and the environmental effects of large-scale metroid hunting.

You’re right about that but that doesn’t mean that some fans can’t read a lot more into that scene than intended.