So I ended up buying Kingdom Hearts.

Back in like 2003 or 2004, I borrowed Kingdom Hearts from my friend who kept boasting about how awesome it was. I didn’t play it much; but got to the Nightmare Before Christmas level, and then had to give it back. Since then I’ve deleted the file.

Before playing it, I was skeptical since it tries to put Final Fantasy and Disney into one little package. I saw commercials, and it looked bloody spectacular. For a Disney game, mind you.

I figured since Kingdom Hearts 2 is out and Kingdom Hearts is going up in rarity (non-greatest hits version at least), I’d pick it up. I made sure to get the non-great hits version.

After playing it the first time, I thought it was shit. The storyline was interesting, the graphics were good, the battles were magnificant, but just somewhere it didn’t feel right. You guessed it, Disney.

I mean, what the fucking hell? You get Donald and Goofy as party members? Among another triad of Disney-folk?

I wanted to write a giant review on how it sucks, but I can pretty much sum it up in one statement:

Kingdom Hearts not only makes an effort at bastardizing Final Fantasy, but also bastardized Disney as well.

Is KH2 any less retarded; and do I absolutely need to play Chain of Memories to understand KH2?

My 10 year old cousin told me that Winnie-the-Pooh punches people.

So on the retard scale, it’s above Hades, but below Ramza?

Everytime I buy a game, I never think “You know what, I bet people on the internet would love to hear about this game I just bought, I better tell them NOW”. I dunno, it might just be me.

Stop flaming and stop trolling.

So… basically, what you’re saying is “Kingdom Hearts sucks because it has Disney in it.”

Don’t you think that people on the board have a low enough opinion of you already?

Complaining about Kingdom Hearts because it has (gasp) Disney characters in it is so 2002. :expressionless: I mean honestly, is this a troll, or are you serious? The rest of the world has either played the game, enjoyed it for being a good <i>GAME</i>, rather than hate on it for the characters it involves, or moved on. Really, do you hate Final Fantasy because most of the characters are one sided copies of characters from previous games? Do you hate on GTA because all of the characters are racial stereotypes? Or just kingdom hearts because it somehow makes you feel like a “kid” or whatever feeling you associate with Disney characters (since you never actually specify, you just say “its Disney” as if that means something).

A good ol’ fashioned Setz burning.

in a nutshell:“I cannot believe that you dont like this game because you dont like what its about!”

OMG do you guys know how dumb you sound?He said he liked the battles and stuff so STFU already.

I watched my friend play it once and i got the same feeling. I’ve grown up watching the Disney characters be funny, do slapstick and generally uphold moral values. Seeing them as serious fighters portrays them in a way I’m not comfortable with. It sort of tarnished my childhood memories of them by imagining them as soldiers that are expected to kill. Even if the enemy are shadows. I’ve seen serious takes on the characters before, but they’ve been done in a business setting.

Maybe I’ll play it myself sometime and see what it’s like from a first person perspective.

“Ewww… Disney r 4 t3h gh3y kidz0rz n da tInE pplz lololz”

Really, if you don’t like it b/c you can’t seem to get over the fact that it has Disney characters, then all I can say is good luck. You’re opinion is no different than anyone else’s when the game came out. “omgz FF + Disney = WTF NO!” But I’ll give you props, because you actually played it before making assumptions like “ewww… it has Disney characters. Fuck it.”

And no, you don’t HAVE to play CoM to understand KH2 but it makes more sense. And if you don’t wanna play through it, there’s a fan made 3 hour vid of the game’s story you can watch before playing KH2.

Yes, the game has Disney characters, but to me all it has succeeded in doing is showing that Mickey, Donald and Goofy with the right settings can actually be serious heroes, while retaining some of their humor and traits. The story is fairly interesting and the characters attaching, but if you just stop at the surface because your characters are just not badass anti-heroes with phallic three meter swords then that’s your loss.

Just don’t expect a large crowd to agree, the only thing I hated personally in the KH serie is the requirement for the bonus cinematics because I just don’t have the time for that crap nowadays.

Oh, by the way: Kingdom Hearts 2 has Disney characters in it too.

I’m just saying that if Disney were not involved in Kingdom Hearts, it’d be a lot better.

Uhm… ok, I’m probably going to regret asking, but how?

When it first came out I remember thinking that the Disney characters would ruin the game. But then I saw the box, and I saw goofy looking up at Sora, and for some reason that made me buy it.

That day, I became a man.

And apparently a retard

Then it’s be Final Fantasy Hearts, and Sora would have become some brooding protagonist like so many others, and lost much of it’s refreshing appeal.

Well Setz, you should have known donald and goofy would be your partners after playing the first game :O. dee dee dee! Now, I’m not saying that would actually make the game good, but saying the game totally sucked “I wanted to write a giant review on how it sucks, but I can pretty much sum it up in one statement:” because it had disney characters is your opinion. Don’t state it as if it’s a fact that KH2 sucked because it had (dum dum dum) disney characters because there seem to be alot of people that love the Kingdom Hearts games.

Umm, he hasn’t played KH2 yet. he was talking about the first game.

If there weren’t any disney characters in Kingdom Hearts … then the game wouldn’t exist. Period.

Please correct me if i’m wrong, but was the point of Kingdom Hearts not…Final Fantasy meets Disney to make a new game?