's life?

Thought I’d make a blue moon post eventually…

I’m upright, breathing, taking vitamins and pretending to be hilarious. I’m also steadily becoming financially screwed in college. Retired from stalking, still making music, SSB:M-ing to ungodly levels, etc. blah. m0o.

Aaaaaaaaaand how’s everyone else pulling along?


And in greeting, I bring to you something you will burn in hell for laughing at.
The Retarded Mario Quartet

I have a major case of senioritis. Any other ailments going around?

Yes. Meningicoccal-C. Get vaccinated or you’re pretty much fucked if you catch it.

Life is awsome for me. I met Fidel Castro yesterday. We had a few cigars and chated about Final Fantasy Games.

I found out recently that the teacher I “conviently followed” in high school is dating a midget. She achieved the American Dream: A good job and a midget in the pants. As crushed as I should’ve been, I’m proud of her.

Do you have a midget in YOUR pants?

i made a thread that was so far ahead of it’s time no-one will realise how good it was until fucking entropy grips the universe

You are so fucking awesome…

i sure am!

Pant… pant…

I dunno why I’m feeling this exhausted… ugh…

I’m getting the urge to write poetry. Failing that, I just make big angsty posts or content-free one-liners here in Main.

Otherwise the same.

hmm…well, I think I recently stumbled upon a small source of possible income while doodling, I managed to pull a F up to a D after midterms in my only failing class, and I got a paying commission for a CD cover and website design. ^^

Life is good.

I got a gold medal on the National Latin Exam, my Science Olympiad team is going to State, and I’m seeing Hitchhikers’ on opening day.


I had a friend who visited Cuba via Mexico a few years ago- She gave me a Cuban Tres Pesos coin from 1995 with Che on it she brought back from her visit to Cuba. I see Castro still remembers Che.I went to a coin show trying to find more of those coins for some of my friends who have Che shirts and buttons but i was told it is illegial to sell Cuban coins in the U.S.
What the heck is that kind of restriction?.How can selling a coin from Cuba be illegial in this country?i don’t understand how a coin from Cuba presents any danger?-----

Still here. Still lovin’ the pillows.


Hey there…you.

The embargo. We can’t even buy Cigars imported from Cuba legally as far as I know.

The joys of Canada. <3


My days pretty good. Todays my birthday, and I was originally going to have to go to court about the accident today but I ended up being able to just pay it online. So I didn’t have to go to court. For my birthday I got a John Smoltz autographed baseball (fucking leet) and a Tim Hudson replica Braves Jersey. Don’t know what my friends got me, if anything, we’re all going out to dinner in a few hours. Registered for Selective Service, registered to vote, got a lot of school stuff done…

Not a bad day.

Well you know, somedays you’re the cow jumping over the moon, and other days your playing the fiddle with the cat

It’s spectacular. I’ve finally got a weight training class so I can pull 8 hours (Or more) of WoW on weekdays.