So, how will you spend them christmas this year?

On the 24th I am going to my boyfriends mom’s to have christmas eve, and then on the 25th he is coming to my family to have christmas day.

I am terrified.

Plus this will be the first year I won’t open gifts on christmas eve. Kind of sad, really, since now I have to open them on the 25th with the majority of north americans. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also hate christmas, but it means alot to my family/boyfriend/hisfamily, but I hate it because I am not a very big fan of consumerism, and I hate the vast majority of religions, and those are the two biggest reasons why people love christmas. Thankfully my family gets along though. :stuck_out_tongue: (most of the time)


LAV 24th ^^


SEE!?! cries

P.S. love the siggie =3

with Family and getting presents. Woo.

I will probably be working Christmas Eve (I volunteered, seeing as no one else wants to work it) while my mother cooks our turduckin. Then I will come home and listen to carols and beat Suikoden Tactics or something. On Christmas day, my mom and I, with the two furballs, will open our presents and squeal in delight (as well as ooh and aah) over what we got. Then we’ll retreat into the kitchen and eat a lot and use the special dishes. Then I will go back and fondle my presents again before settling down for the day with a new dvd and a game.

Sounds fun.

Holidays: At home doing nothing, like usual.

Cristmast: Probably gonna suffer it up by going elsewhere, likely my sister’s boyfriend parents.

I can barely wait.</sarcasm>

As usual. I will go to the 8 PM mass and spend the rest of the evening with my parents, eating and probably getting some presents.

I do not think 10 days a head, so I have to tell you on the 19th.

DT. Bad Heart?

Next door at my grandma’s then maybe at my dad’s. I’m <i>suppose</i> to get a car this year.

PSSH. Owning noobs, how else? Maybe FHF or Auphan won’t AFK out of our BGs to give us a present.

Owning with style too. Gonna get a new graphics card and another gig of RAM.

Sounds funk Lanyx. Btw, posting on PSP :smiley:

Funk fo rizzle hizzle bo jizzle!

Singing carols, opening presents and going to Midnight Mass with immediate family on Christmas Eve. Waking up Christmas Day to check the stocking and eat brunch (one of the only times I get bacon). There will be much Trivial Pursuit. My family will host the Christmas dinner for all my relatives as usual. I’ll probably go shopping on Boxing Day to get an mp3 player. And that’s it.

With my girlfriend and a bottle of Southern Comfort. The way God intended it to go.

I’ll spend Christmas fantasizing about being a Congressional Page. :frowning:

Probably with my family. Not really sure what else, but I figure I’ll be spending a good amount of time with my family and then with my friends.

I’ll probably visit family on christmas day. It’s practicaly the only time of the year when I see any relatives.

…nah, it’s a problem I’ve been born with. I had it done in 2000 already, but it came back, so now I have to hit the hospital again. To sum up that thing shortly, see here they zap them nerves. bzzt. :o

In the heat. While I freeze my ass off in germany. Consider yourself grumbled at. >o

Ez: You sing christmas carols? How harmonic :o
And Lun posted in my thread, I feel special now <3

Lun posting in threads is always a case to feel special about.