So, how will you spend them christmas this year?

If you do celebrate it, that is. To be so horribly politically correct :stuck_out_tongue:

Family, same procedure as every year, james? Just friends? Not at all out of protest? Alone in the corner, sulking? I myself will probably be stuck in the hospital, contrary to what I thought. In germany, yes, but I got heart surgery on like the 21st or something. ::dekar!:: Hopefully I won’t have to stay in for too long. :o Maybe it’ll give me more pity presents :chupon:

Ol’ Mabatsekker’s going to work on the Eve, the Day and the day After. At nice bonus-to-salary-rates :wink:

Over here, the primary celebratory meals, present openings and such are done on the Eve. Probably going to spend my time with Ma&Pa and some family friends.

In Georgia on the 25th with my parents. Then we shall drive up to Franklin, NC to have Christmas at around noon with my grandparents, aunt, and cousin. Might go to Florida later on to visit my other grandfather. I dunno.

And hopefully The 984 shall be in the Dome on January 2nd. And to Hell with West Virginia.

The dome? :o

The Georgia Dome.

I dunno exactly what I’ll be doing…my grandma is supposed to come up to visit. I dunno… :x

Ehhh the same as usual, I suppose. I’m kinda getting to think that Christmas is just another day people make a lot of fuss about.

Mario Kart DS with my cousins, aw yeah.

I won’t.


On my ass, playing counterstrike or something similar.

Uncle’s house, where there’ll be some 50-100 people partying.

I only go there because it’s a family meeting (three generations) and I’m an only child. It’d be sad for my parents to go without me. If I had a sibling I’d have him or her go in my place.

Me, I’d like to be alone. I don’t like parties of any kind, Christmas included. Nothing against people having a good time.

And I hope you have a swift recovery from your surgery, DT.

edit: Steve and TD, I envy you guys.

DT: Heart surgery? Why? >.>

Heading up to Timmins for a few days in a couple of weeks to see some friends, then going back to North Bay for a long boring two weeks between then and the next semester.

First im waking up and going to a church service(seeing how Christmas is on a sunday) and then we are going nack home and opening presents. Then we are going to my grandmas for lunch and more presents. Then we pack up, go home, put away the stuff, then do whatever till we have to go to bed.

Uh, well, probably playing a 6 player game of risk with all my brothers and sisters.
Also, yeah, surgery?

Same as always. Christmas Eve from about 4pm onwards with my father’s family at an undisclosed location. There will be an uncle-in-law in a santa costume, even though I will be the youngest at the event. Many pictures will be taken. There will likely be a ham and some fish. This event will be followed by an attendance of a midnight mass by all my siblings (and myself) to appease our parents, even though none of us would go otherwise.

Christmas Day will be spent at my grandmother’s house. There will be no santa, but more gifts. And turkey, lots of turkey. There will be a game of croquet (or, as we say, crockett), come hell or high water. It doesn’t matter if there’s snow on the ground, whenever at least three of my siblings are at my grandmother’s house, there’s croquet. Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, the evening we had the wake for my recently deceased grandfather - all mark some darn good games of croquet(t?).

Recovering from a heart attack.

i’ll probly be shipped off into obscurity…again . it kinna sucks, cuz my parents have this deal where every holiday we HAVE to be gone to some relative or another’s house. we may not be back before new years, which would also suck, as i and a friend of mine have plans. but it looks like this year it all happens in the frozen north. not really north per se:P just north of lansing.

At the beach with my father’s side uncles and grandparents. None of which can be around each other for longer than five minutes without starting an argument. Two whole days.

I hate this season.