So, how will you spend them christmas this year?

Masturbation. Lots of masturbation.

At home, probably polishing my Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory skills, if a certain T-Rex lets go of the computer. After the usual confusion with crazy cousins at my grandparents’ house on the 25th, I’ll probably be spending the rest of the time… you guessed it, at home too.

I’ll be loafing around my grandma’s house playing SRW@3.

I have that same problem. Never needed surgery, though.

When I was young I couldn’t run for more than a couple of minutes or else my heart would still be beating as fast as during the exercise way long after I had stopped. I skipped gym classes because of that. It put me into a situation where I felt I could die out of exhaustion because even though I’d stopped moving, and even if I layd down, my heart would still be going twice as fast as it should and draining all my energy. Later on, when it got back to the right beat, there was the feeling of cold and fatigue in the chest (and a pool of sweat where I’d be).

My body seems to have got used to it, though. When I was 15 the problem started getting less severe. When I was 17 I went back to sports at school, I could still feel my heart trying to follow its own pace but I could stand for a much longer time. It kept improving until I never felt it anymore. This year I’ve been exercising like crazy and haven’t been given a moment of nuisance from the heart yet.

Still, reading just the name of the syndrom made me feel a cold in the chest again >_< childhood trauma it seems.

I hope you get rid of that problem too, DT. It surely is a new life once you find yourself with a renewed, stronger heart.

I will be spending time with my wonderful family, answering endless questions about when I’m going back to school, what happened to my last girlfriend, when I’m going to find a new girl, when I’m going to settle down and get engaged, when I’m going to get a better job, and when I’m going to completely comprimise my own freedom and do what they think is best for me.

Also, I will be drinking heavily and smoking many cigarettes.

DT, I wish you a speedy recovery after your operation. This could be very therapeutic :wink:

Oh and your avy and signature(Советский Лук)make me kind of nostalgic. Rodina (Motherland)!

We end up singing some of the joke versions of carols (“Joy to the World”, “We Three Kings”, etc.) and make my dad angry. It’s funny. <_<

Hopefully they make Christmas as nice here as they did Thanksgiving, but I doubt it will be.

Ren: many people have it and ever notice their entire life, my doctor once said; and unless it’s a bad case, it doesn’t affect your life greatly anyway. I’m just one of the cases that had much bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:
Seifer: CHOKLIT <3 Thanks for wishes. :smiley:


Wow, I thought that only existed in movies of how typical fantasial families should spend their holidays.

Any who, it’ll be chaos considering that I have to spend it with three main groups of people: mother, father, friends.But I try to avoid spending it with my father since his side of the family is so boring.Im literally the black sheep there, since Im not that religious, and other various reasons.The other two I will be spending as partying and drinking? I guess.And shopping.No presents this year.I specifically stated cash only.Other than that, Im not really looking forward to the holidays, its more of “blah” right about now.

Oh, and good luck with the surgery ^^

Sing RPGCarols. :slight_smile:

BN: Don’t post useless messages like that. You’ve been warned in the past.

What?! Ezboarder’s avatar brought it out of me! The 984, You should have an Idea of the effects! (I would like to take the Mailbag, Btw)

On to the Topic, I may spend Chistmas day at my Grandparents.

I’ll be in Paris with my g/f and her family. She and her mom are going to visit her sister who’s studying abroad and I was invited. :smiley:

hugz DT’s heart to mend it :slight_smile:

Update: I’m pretty sure one of the weekends I’ll have off from school is going to be a Warsong Gulch weekend. I might aim for rank 12 that weekend.


If you give Nutter the mailbag, I may have to kill myself to rid my soul of the dishonour of having once read it. Full on Seppukku. I’d like to request BigDizzy (as the closest RPGCer to me who I like) to take head-removal duty.

Anyway, yeah. An elaboration on my last post. I won’t be drinking the Southern Comfort. It will just be there. I will spend the time with it, talking to it about it’s fine peachy taste for hours on end, leading to me getting dumped.

I’m with Arac. If Nutter ever touches the mailbag, I’m killing the entire staff of RPGC.

That said, I hope you get better DT. hugs you lots and a bit late

Then we’re three. Even if a miracle happened and Nutter learned how to write properly, the mailbag section would still be full of pervertion, but in the way that we don’t find cool.

with lots of food and a hell of a lot more drinks.

I’ll be working during christmass but the days after i’ll hook up with my g/f and invite some friends over for a little ‘yay christmas is over’-party… that sure is gonna be fun. imagine 10-20 metalheads completely wasted in your living room.