So, how is everyone doing lately?

I’m a bit behind the times, and I haven’t talked to near anyone for more than four months. Any new jobs, new moves, new degrees people’d like to share?

Other than getting health insurance back (or rather I never lost it in the first place), the only interesting thing I’ve done is take up a Shrine for Radiant Historia.

Sadly, there really isn’t any demand for programmers out in the middle of godforsaken nowhere, and I don’t have the financial security to risk moving elsewhere.

I’d love to say a huge amount of great things have happened, but really, not much has. I’m still living in the past playing my old timey games :v I finished Phantasy Star 4 a bit ago and am currently alternating between Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy Tactics, with a hint of Xenogears on the side. My PS2 is getting a bit finicky nowadays though, the disk drive door is loose, causing it to occasionally stop reading the disk unless I put weight on it.

Even here in Alberta housing has gone soft. Can’t move cause my house won’t sell for enough to pay off the mortgage. Can’t pay off my debts at any decent rate because my housing expenses are very high. Recently had a family member bail on me and dump an extra $20k of debt onto my lap, too. My wife and I are still getting by, trying to make ends meet. I work two jobs but the money always goes away just a bit too fast. Yeah, it’s nice. I budget on netting $3900 a month, and I spend $3500. At least. And I need to come up with $14,000 within the next 6 months or so. Can’t say why, but it’s critically important. Thank god for overtime.

I graduated and got my BA in Fine arts. ^^ I’ve got several creative projects going on and…that’s…about it. . .

Like my NiGHTS Christmas tree ornaments? :E

Yes, including the NiGHTS ornaments.

I finished Uni 2 years ago and been in my current job for 1 and half years. I have to say I’m still loving my job in IT helpdesk and still learning something new everyday. Got no immediate plans, just living it day by day for now. :slight_smile:

Actually… I do plan on buying a new PC soon, don’t know when though! xD

I’m not working I dropped out of school a while back I got kicked out of my parents for all of a few days until they let me back in cause they’re pushovers and my mom is once again feeding me cash

thank you

I’m raping the fucking shitchumpcockfuck out of path of exile

edit: or should I say shitchimpcockfuck

I’m about to finish my Master’s. Not sure what I’ll do once I’ve done that, maybe start on a PhD.

Killmore, have you tried applying to jobs across the country? A lot of my friends were having trouble like you finding jobs in their home area. So they just applied everywhere and didn’t move until a job was secured somewhere else.

Man, that’s really rough Shinryu. I hope things get better soon.

Congrats on graduating Trill and Helios! What is NiGHTS?

Hope you get more responsible soon Ramza. Have fun with exile. ^^

What is your master’s in Nulani?

NiGHTS is shorthand for NiGHTS: into dreams (and I guess NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams), one of the best games ever and certainly one of the best games on the Sega Saturn (JoD is Wii). It’s an incredibly surreal game that has to be seen to understand.

Historical linguistics, I suppose. It’s an edition of two guild ordinances from the 15th Century, England.

Kairi, how are things going for you? I don’t know too much about you to be honest.

Never played any Sega saturn games.

What got you interested in historical linguistics?

Peachy Keen, Helios. Well mostly. I may be about 2 years from graduating, at which point I will become Dr. Kairi. But I may have just totally screwed myself over by freaking out during one of our qualifying exams. My adviser and I have a paper coming out as well as one in the works. A project I had been working on last year was solved by someone else last month; so sadly it was a bit of a waste of my time. I no longer live with crazy crappy roommates and my dnd group are about to become epic tier.

My problem also stems from the lack of work experience since I didn’t opt for an internship since I was racing against the clock at the time (that apparently I no longer need to race nor did I need to race it to begin with, go me circa 2011). Now I’m out of school and out of work and nobody wants me. My best bet at this point is to build a portfolio and use that to leverage me into a programming gig which I’m in the midst of doing even as I type.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a few websites to design and games to make (and a shrine while I’m at it, although I don’t see it doing me much good in the long run once I have to explain my username, go me circa 2005).



Also Christmas NiGHTS.

@Kairi: I think you’ll be alright, if I know anything about you guys, it’s that you’re all brimming with confidence. I’m sure you’ll get past these minor setbacks. Same with you Killmore, maybe just look for any job (not industry specific) to keep you occupied till you get back on track.

I studied abroad in Mexico for a few weeks last summer.

I’m getting my degree in Spanish and a minor certificate in Interactive Multimedia in the fall. Learning to program.

That’s pretty much it.

Still selling booze and doing a bang up job apparently. I’ve come to know the various varietals of wine quite well that I can boast their qualities without batting an eye. Getting into Single Malt Scotch Whisky little by little. Beer needs more work as well as so many liquors and hard stuffs (rum, vodka, gin, rye, etc…). Aside from work, I’m still working on my personal study seeing how long a Mexican Fireleg Tarantula lives in comparison to its Redknee and Redleg cousins. I have a small female of each, so it’s interesting to observe the growth patterns as well as seeing how effective they are as hunters and how they are the masters of energy conservation.

'Twas an accident, really: the field is mostly a result of the manuscripts. The language is much more interesting than the content.

Ugh… I haven’t been here in a looong time. I mostly just work, although circumstances known as “life” are forcing me into other professions. Luckily, I’m still free and clear, if any of you even get what I’m referring to. I’m slowly approaching the socially accepted normal, and I’m thankful. Still haven’t started college really, but eh, what’s it gotten any of you? (Not named Sinistral, Merlin, Sephiroth Katana or…well, damn). Oh, I got a dog.