So, how is everyone doing lately?

when the lights go out i hear someone crying

i got another charge today, i’m not going back to prison, this is my last post

Dibs on your stuff.

I’m buying a condo and working as a boring middle management guy.

I’ve been doing the mailbag for the last 4 years.

We have a mailbag?

We do. But it’s not viewable by people in your country. You have to use a proxy.

Finishing my bachelors in two weeks, then moving to Philadelphia in a month to start my PhD studies.

It’s alive? It’s alive!

Congrats Rast! Where are you going to do your PhD? Staying in Chemistry?

On my end, moving to Baltimore, going to do a combined residency - fellowship - research program in internal medicine, hematology and oncology at the University of Maryland. I sold my condo in Montreal and may or may not buy a new condo in the near future pending what will happen in the coming week or so. I’ll be moving in June. It will be fun to see SK in person again.

Congrats Rast… and if I’m not mistaken, aren’t you one of the founders of RPGC!!! :open_mouth: It’s great to meet you! :slight_smile:

Wow Sin, you sure have a lot going on too.

Well, I entered an orderly payment of debts, which will help things along quite a bit.

Only available in Alberta, an OPD combines unsecured debts into a single payment and reduces interest to 5%, as well as providing legal protection from your creditors. It also gives you more flexible payment options, allowing you to adjust the payments to your needs, provided you can pay off the full amount owing within 5 years. The tradeoff is that it annihilates your credit rating and stays on your record until you’ve been out of the program for 2 years.

So yeah. Things are getting back on track now, and, so long as my full time job holds out, I should be able to work my way back to level ground. It’s gonna be tough, especially now that Canada Post is a sinking ship; the concern I have is whether I will be able to retain the wages, benefits, and working conditions I have now, long enough to either sell my house or pay off my debts. I give it 7 years, tops. Then we’ll get mail every other day, we’ll have 100% CMB delivery, and the most anyone will get paid will be $17, $9 less than current. That’s what happens when a Conservative government intervenes. The little guys get fucked.

Congrats man!

I did an REU at the University of Pennsylvania last summer. It went well so I am returning to the same research group to earn my PhD in organic chemistry.

Thanks and congrats yourself. This is a solid opportunity that you’ve secured for yourself. SK, Walhalla and I each completed PhDs and while we’re all in different fields, the experience is really the same regardless of the subject. Don’t hesitate to reach out, especially since we’re going to be nearby. I loved o-chem, its a fun subject, I nearly double majored with that and bio.

We’re so many doctors here.

I’m a doctor!

What’s up doc?

Also grats to all the doctors in the house. :cool:

So like, am I the least educated member of this forum? :v I got a job straight out of high school, then after wasting a couple years, got a second job to go with it- and now I make enough money it’s not really worth the investment of going back, unless perhaps it was to learn a trade or something. And even then.

You’re still more educated than Hades. He’s a high school drop out!

Will do, but first I have to get moved.

As for education, its not necessary for many jobs, especially if you already have experience. If you want any kind of STEM job though a bachelors, at a minimum, is almost always required.

Of course, not having experience is the real kicker. It doesn’t matter how much education you have if you’ve got no experience.