I hadn’t seen anyone here make fun of it yet. <A HREF=“”>Snakes on a Plane</A> is clearly the dumbest, yet most accurate name for a movie, <I>ever</I>. What convinces someone with a movie-in-progress named Pacific Air Flight 121 (which, according to <A HREF=“”>IMDB</A>, is what the movie was originally named) to rename their movie to <I><B>Snakes on a Plane</B></I>?!

I’ve seen worse, but yeah, that’s pretty bad. :stuck_out_tongue: Those are also the fakest looking snakes I’ve seen in almost any movie to date.

On a somewhat related note, snakes are always portrayed by the media as being evil monsters who strangle/eat their victims. Snakes are just plain cool. I work at a Nature Center that has seven of them including a boa and I get to handle them. :3

And train them to assassinate Sat.

At least it has Samuel L. Jackson. He’s a bad mother fucker.

Actually, according to Wikipedia, the original working title of the movie was Snakes on a Plane. It was changed to Pacific Flight Whatever but subsequently changed back. Sam Jackson was quoted as saying “We’re totally changing that back. That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title.”

hoolyc rap…so…very…old…

But yea, it does look pretty stupid. I think the title has been officially changed to Flight511 or SOAP now, to reduce the stupidity just a tad.

Nope. It’s still Snakes on a Plane, dev.

I like it.

I totally approve of a movie called “Snakes on a Plane.” It even has Keanan Thompson in it, toly.

There can be absolutely no question that “Snakes on a Plane” is a better title than “Pacific Air Flight 121”. What kind of twisted world are we living in where anyone could think otherwise.

One title is memorable and descriptive, and even appropriately campy considering how stupid the plot is. The other is nondescriptive and needlessly serious. This is not a dramatic recreation of an actual event. It’s a completely fictional scenario that has no chance of actually happening.

The movie’s not even out yet. It was announced less than a year ago, and hasn’t yet been mentioned on our forums at all. Thus, it can’t be that old.

WOW! This movie has the most ridiculous plot ever. It sounds like something I’d write! Some dude hijacks a plane by releasing snakes in it… that’s uh… yeah. That’s real scary there. This is supposed to be a comedy, right?!

This movie sounds like MST3K fodder to me. If only it were still on.

I miss Mike and the Bots. There are so many bad movies still being churned out by Hollywood on a yearly basis, there’s plenty for them to do, still.

I’ve seen much, much worse, but I live in Norway. We’ve translators who’ve managed to translate iron as in gun with iron as in ironing.

Y’know, if Steve Irwin was on that plane, the plot would have absolutely no crisis.

Yeah, and that’d totally mean there’d be no point to there having the movie, wouldn’t it?

Yeah, I second that. I imagine it’d be hard to get worse than Manos: The Hands of Fate, but, say, the Star Wars prequels and the Matrix sequels … and those are the good ones I can think of.

<img src=“”>

RL facepalm

EDIT: Oh, and I had to explain both “Snakes on a Plane” and that pic to my dad’s girlfriend.

I meant the whole internet-fad aspect of it.

PS: Dunno how many people will get this, but…<a href=“”>link</a>


that looks like a movie i’d go to see if for no other reason than to get some quality laughs. most of the trailer my eyes were wide and mouth open with disbelief at the sheer stupidity.