I tried it once, didn’t like the taste. Stopped afterwards. I always nag at my parents to quit, but I did it once myself. ; ;

Smoking is bad.


Never tried a single cig…

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I am, unfortunately a smoker. Tried to quit, didn’t work. Call me weak, but that’s my take


Just kidding. My friend smokes… I try to get him to quit. It’s hella addictive, he claims.

It made me vomit.
Just like coffee!

It didn’t make me vomit. But, I had a hard cough later on. By the way, my first smoke was about… 70 minutes ago. Hence the… URGE, to make this topic.

wheres the “only when I’m drinking” option??
I just put in I smoke often… but I’m not a regular

Tried it once, almost puked and did have a coughing fit. Surprisingly, I stopped.

I didn’t need to stop. SO I WIN!

Well, seriously, I can’t imagine stopping to be hard. I mean, I can quit anything easily. I mean, just stop. It can’t be THAT hard.

Meh, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I know people who gave it up, but they really had a hard time doing it.

But still. I can’t imagine quitting something, to be hard. I mean, it’s kind of hard to explain. But having full control of my body and mind, I can quit anything without hesitation.

Please tell me that wasn’t “Yesh, i smoke.” Please, for the love of god, you’re 10. =(

I smoke when i can get ciggarettes. Which isnt often, i guess.

tell that to the crackwhores down the street…

though I know what you mean (I don’t have problems quitting anything) (well maybe alcohol would be a problem but it’s sooooo gooood) I can imagine people having difficulties stopping smoking or other things… Their body gets so used to the amounts of (insert something) When they quit it their body and not to mention their mind can’t take it and will take action…

you know what… try to quit playing videogames… you’ll have difficulties… too bad theres no one to monitor you

I tried that. Failed after a week.

I can quit video-games. If I didn’t have my PS2, I’d be on the computer. If I didn’t have my computer OR my PS2, then I’m basically fucked. =(

I meant, that quitting something, that I know is bad, and tastes like crap, then it’s easy.

Such tasks as quitting usual tasks, or certain past-times… may be hard.

right… for some people smoking is a past-time… and some people, including me happen to like it

Yeah, I smoke.

And yes, it is difficult. For starters, nicotine is addictive. Your body craves it. If it doesn’t get it, you go through a withdrawl, which can be shakes or just an inability to think of anything other than smoking a cigarette. For the most part, quitting smoking involves changing all your habits, which is a bitch to do no matter what.

Don’t knock it til you’ve had to go through it.

Whatever d00d. I’m just saying I could PROBABLY resist the cravings.