But smoking makes you teh popular and able to hang out with that musty clouded group of people outside of any nice resturaunt! why NOT smoke?! :slight_smile:

Smoking puts you under the category of cool kid.

Smoking puts you under the category of “Man you stink. Literally.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

slowly files self under musty clouded group of people outside of resturant

This poll shows that a big group of people don’t smoke, or really do. No one voted for quit yet. ; ;

I’ll never start. Simple as that.

Congrats! If I hadn’t had smoked my first cigarrette like, 2 hours ago, I would be able to add another to the list of ‘No’. ; ;

They just taste bad. And are hard to light. =/ (Hard to light due to me smoking it in a small, dark, stuffy room?)

I didn’t even finish the thing. I had it for about 2 minutes. Lit it, tasted, threw out. Yuck. All gooey tar and other shit in my mouth. vomits

More like Attempted to light it, burn my finger, find out the thing just went out, light it again, tasted, and threw out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention how much it COSTS. They cost about 8 dollars a pack here, and I know people who smoke 2 packs a day. Add that together, and you’re looking at:

112 dollars a week…
448 dollars a month…
5376 dollars a year!

Do you know how many games you could buy with that money?

I went to the exhibition of that crazy German doctor who turned human bodies into plastic and displayed them. One of the displays was two human lungs side-by-side, one of a non-smoker and one of a smoker. If I’d ever thought about smoking died after I saw them.

It shortens your lifespan every time you take a drag and in the end you die horribly and painfully.

Isn’t it like 0.02% off your life for each puff?

Dalton of Zeal, I could buy 268.934467233616808404202101050525 games with that amount of money. (Assuming each game was 19.99$, and/or has a 5$ discount like that store does near me.)

Never tried it, don’t plan on trying.

No. Never. But I fear my life is cut short, because my Dad goes through at least 2 packs a day and I’ve been breathing it in since I was born. And my Mum used to smoke back then too.

Both my parent smoke. ; ;

And, since I last smoked, a day ago, I have the urge to chew on my Student Subway Card, and I stutter more often now, and I can’t sleep. ; ;


pff… and you thought you could resist it… no one can eventually… we are all doomed to smoke ourselves dead

Hey, I’m resisting it. I’ll never smoke again. Just wierd shit been happenin’. Heh, right now, I’m chewing on a pen-top. Not a pen, but the cover. :open_mouth:

Last time I checked, chewing things isn’t smoking.

Wow, it took me forever to actually become addicted. I used to go for weeks without one and then pick it back up. I would buy a pack when I wanted one, and if I didn’t then I didn’t worry about it. After a few months of that though I got hooked.

Did you smoke a whole cigarette, or did you really somehow burn your hand and got a really crappy hit?

Almost a full one… I’m not hooked, and I think I lit it wrong.

Oh, and I did burn my finger. ; ;

and you’re already showing signs off addiction…

i’ve got one advice for you…

stay away from drugs… don’t ever try it… you’re doomed

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

Oh god, I need more pens. I must have chewed through, like 3…

eww. you doubleposting addict :stuck_out_tongue: maybe you should like… light another cig