smiley suggestions

Ok, I’m almost as sick of asking this as you are of reading it, but, I can’t find the old smiley suggestion threads. BESIDES CHUPON, WHO WALHALLA OBVIOUSLY WANTS, what other smilies do you guys want to see pop up on the right over there? Keep in mind their dimensions should be roughly approximate to the ones we already have.

If you’re gonna get any new ones I suggest you replace the Frog one. I’ve never seen that used except in the Free RP forum and in some sigs.

Thank you, Merl. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want a lil dancing Salamando.
And some Black Mage plotting ebil. Yesh

Hmm, I had suggested two <.< But they’re both from CT, and we have lotsa Chrono Trigger smilies already. Lemme post later, I’ll find something.

The third sprite from the left in this image would be a good one, I think.

That Dancing one that DT suggested would be nifty, as well.

We need a better =P smiley and a good angry one.

I like the mouth wiping Ark :smiley:
and you want a :P- smily, eh? <img src=“” height=68 width= 64 alt=""></img> sloppy rip
And yeah, <img src=“” alt=""></img> is neato.
<img src=“” alt=""></img> Meow!

<img src=“” alt=""></img> Choo- choooo!
Ok, enough with CT.
IoG maybe? <img src=“” alt=""></img> Heretics! Kill them all!

EDIT: Took out last three pics because they were too big

Would these new smilies be in addition to current ones, or would they all be replacing ones we already have?

I would personally like to see the thinking Mario sprite return, or something similar. I’ll edit this post with further suggestions if I think of any.

  1. Crybaby
  3. Big Mouth
  4. Huh?!?!
  5. Contentment
  6. Take a Hint
  7. Zelda Fanfare

I almost suggested the Hint one myself. :wink:

In any case, those are some good ones.

if you’re offering suggestions, inserting the actual picture you want to see, including transparency effects, would be much help.

The hint one is awesome. But we already have big mouth or shocker and stuff.

<img src=“”> I’m way too lazy to resize it

- mmmm

- didn’t we use to have a surprise spirte? this could be it

- dohhh

- a toast!

- sad

Just LOOK at the smileys, people.

We have a surprise sprite. :eek:
We have a doh- sprite. ::doh::
And a sad sprite, too. :too bad;

I’m not at home at the moment and I don’t have the time to hunt for the actual sprite, but I would like see :fungah: go and another Kefka sprite take its place. It’s the one where he shakes his fist. He does in the Figaro Desert on his way to torch the castle in the beginning of the game.

:fungah: just doesn’t seem to fit its purpose.

Nah, Magus is alright. Best smiley for expressing thudding when others post dumb comments :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that was what :thud: was for.