smiley suggestions

The following statement is based off personal observation. Nothing more, nothing less.

These smileys seem to be the least-used ones:

:boring: p:unch:: :runaway: ::doh::

I love you Gizamaluke, forgot about that funky banana. We need the black mage doing the cabbage patch dance.

-cactuar running, tonberry, chocobo, chanting of spell sprite
kentucky fried chocobo wee, now only if it could work if smaller doh The cheerleader girl, smiley blowing its brains out, and the lobster sprite
-river city ransom
-the Golden idol or statue from earthbound
-evil cat with glowing red eyes…hint angered sparkles
-a cookie
-Nulani’s smilies
-super mario ghost boo?
-south park
-mortal kombat
-street fighter
Yes we have a sad smiley, but how can you not love bowser crying? the spam is from this site

No i am not wanting all the smilies and spirites from each page i listed, the 24 smileys that we have now are fine. Just sites and ideas for other people to look at and suggest more smileys.

Am i the only one that likes Frog hopping away smiley?

Edit: damn you tripod and you evil x.

hmpf, i know what we have; that doesn’t mean they can’t be replaced

I might as well repeat it here. I want the crying bowser from SM RPG :stuck_out_tongue:

I second that one! XD

Here’s a different Booster one that looks cool.

Hint man image with transparency.

And just for Sin, a crying Bowser.

I third the banana and second/third crying bowser.

<img src=“”>
<img src=“”>
<img src=“”>
And while you’re at it, replace the current Flea smiley with one that has a bit more movement:
<img src=“”>

Haha, I like the crying Bowser too.

Can someone who knows how to animate that?


My vote for that one. Best smilie ever.
And that: <img src = “”>

My vote is for Hint Guy and Crying Bowser. Plus these two:

<img src=‘’>

<img src=‘’>


I did a quick Google and found an animated version.

YES. We should have that one.

I’m all for making :kissy: animated, just keep it facing this way >.>;; Also, make :victoly: animated aswell. No removing Lucca, she is damned sexy.

… and what is :moogle: for? it seems uhh… yeah >.>; maybe replace moogle with something like hint.


How about replace nothing and just add stuf? :smiley: ::dekar!:: hugglies dekar

Hmmm… Let me see if I can find something too…

is worthy, the rest are bleh.