sky render's ff 6 translation

hey guys, i’m playing ff6 with this fan translation because i read in several places that the original english version was bad. i’m beginning to wonder if the translation’s any better though. some of the dialogue is a little clumsy, and it seems like it’s not really explaining the backstory. (for example i just fought some guy on a mountain, and i had no idea who he was, and then edgar’s brother showed up, and the two of them referred to a bunch of stuff that i didn’t recognize, and there’s been no further mention of said stuff. it felt like i’d walked into a movie 20 minutes late.)

anyway, what’s the conventional wisdom: stick with sky render or go to the original version? luckily it’s not too late to switch.

I love the original Woolsey version. I honestly can’t imagine playing it any other way.

“You licentious howler!”

“This is sickening! You sound like chapters from a self-help booklet!”

“Son of a submariner!”

Same here (I’ll take submariners over sandworms any day).

Does anybody know if they left Gau’s hilarious Mr. Thou rant in the SR translation?

I’d choose Woolsey. Okay, it is largely nostalgia but scenes like this are certainly more colourful.

P.S. Don’t click “More”, it’ll spoil it for you (up to the endgame).

Sky Render’s translation was made by people who were incensed that they dared change a single thing from the original translation. I have indeed heard that the end result is clunky and unprofessional, sacrificing readability and entertainment for literalism. These are the sorts of people who want to change “Frog” back to “Kaeru” in Chrono Trigger.

Woolsey’s work is so iconic that according to TVTropes, his name is used for the definition of a term meaning “translation which is better than the original”.

Don’t get me wrong, Woolsey’s work wasn’t perfect. It couldn’t be, considering he had severe space constraints, had to deal with Nintendo’s draconian censorship laws, and also had to complete the entire 600-page script in under a month. That he came out with the most classic RPG script ever given that situation is nothing short of miraculous.

Cid, TVtropes is like Wikipedia, but with less patrolling editors and less accountability, if that’s even possible. Just saying, don’t take anything there as being widespread fan consensus. All it takes is one guy.

Considering the fact that I’ve seen it linked in quite a few articles already, it’d seem that nobody has a real problem with it. It’s not a small article.
Anyway, it’s hardly as if you’d be able to determine fan consensus from Wikipedia, either. 8p

…I’m addicted to TVTropes, by the way. I’m spending way too much of my time on it. 8-(

Sky Render’s patch is generally considered tosh by all but the most hardcore of weeaboos, who like their names to end in “san”, “chan” and “sama”. Basically, fat nerds who’ll never move out of their mom’s basement. Do yourself a favor and play the original translation, unless you don’t want to enjoy the game at all.

Cid: I’m addicted to TV Tropes too, but unlike Wikipedia I don’t take it seriously. However, it IS a nice place to look at what cool stuff is out there… I don’t think I would’ve discovered Girl Genius, for example, if a quote in TV Tropes hadn’t made me curious about it.

As for translations, I favor being as literal as possible… but also keeping in mind the interests of the audience. Keeping Japanese regionalisms, for example, is silly outside of Japan unless the story is supposed to take place IN Japan, which most RPGs do not. Oh, and sometimes you HAVE to make changes, with jokes for example- often what is supposed to be a riot with one culture will get you nothing but blank stares from a different one.

Basically, you’re asking for good localization. One that keeps the story and conversations intact but deviates slightly only to make the game more accessible to the target culture. I think that’s what most people want.

I generally favor hewing more towards accessibility and less towards literalism, where it makes sense. Take the Ace Attorney series, for example; it was completely removed from Japan and placed in a “country” which once or twice is implied to be America. Certainly things like bento have been replaced by “lunchbox”. I felt the experience was much more enjoyable without having to worry or be confused about Japanese cultural minutiae.

On the other hand, TWEWY remained in Shibuya, because it’d make no sense whatsoever to remove it.

I don’t take TVTropes seriously either (in fact, I doubt anybody does). :sunglasses: It’s sort of like a giant forum where people edit the same post instead of posting new ones.

Sky Render did a translation.

Woosley did a localisation.

The main difference is that localisation includes changing expressions that make no sense in the culture/market it’s for, adjusting certain things that are less accepted/more accepted, and yet trying to keep (or in some cases create) a certain flavor for the finished product that makes it not only bearable to read but also enjoyable.

As such, I’d say Woolsey succeeded. It is memorable, and it didn’t seem ‘wrong’ or ‘stupid’ at the time.

Would Lunar games have been as good if the translation had been literal and if the humor had not been adjusted? I think not.

(I work closely with the localisation department at work, so I kind of know the process a little now)

I took the liberty of looking up what was changed, just in case I didn’t give it a fair shake. I shouldn’t have bothered.

Seriously, dude? Instead of the self-help booklet, we get this garbage? How could you even consider this piece of shit translation?

It takes itself way to damned seriously. Not only does it look boring, it’s riddled with errors, grammatical and otherwise:

The original names may have worked for Japan, but they sound ridiculous in English. There was a reason that it’s Kefka and not Cefka- it’s clear that it’s pronounced with a hard kuh sound. If he was called Cefka, I’d think se, which just sounds silly. Furthermore, if you look at the list of the things that he changed, he really doesn’t understand how a translation is supposed to work. Instead of lore he said “Memorized Technique?” Now, I’m leaving Strago on the airship regardless what the Hell you call his skill, but if you look up lore in the dictionary, wouldn’t it be a much less cumbersome way of saying something memorized?

Yeah, I understand the complaints that FFVI was censored blah blah blah, but isn’t “Son of a submariner” much more INTERESTING than saying son of a bitch? Something I noticed when re-playing FFVI: [spoiler]Kefka’s comic veneer makes him more menacing. He’s a hidden threat. Up until Doma, you think that he’s just a rotten henchman, a silly little nothing. The sudden change is shocking. If we take him completely seriously, as Sky Render seems to be doing, he becomes completely ineffective. He’s just a flat psychopath. Boring. If this is a faithful translation, I’m glad Woolsey took the liberties that he did, because I wouldn’t take a straight Kefka any more seriously than Exdeath.

Let’s put it this way: what’s more frightening? A generic villain who says something like “You have outlived your usefulness. Now, die!” or one that can call General Leo a “violent brute” while simultaneously snuffing his life out? My favorite character moment for Kefka is one a lot of people think is stupid. In the same scene that he speaks of poisoning Doma, he gets into a few “fights” with Sabin and Shadow. When you hit him, he jumps up, and Sabin says “Wait.” Kefka says, “Wait? Do I look like a waiter?” The line itself is stupid, but it’s actually messed up if you think about it. The same guy who orders genocide one moment makes bad puns the next. I’m not sure if that’s what Woolsey was aiming for, but that’s what it comes across to me. It shows his complete disregard for human life even more than the act of genocide itself.[/spoiler]

All the things you said are the same reason I scoff at people who condemn Working Designs for their liberal translations. While I think WD goes a bit too far with the ridiculous jokes, they got a much better emotional response out of me than most generic crap RPG writing. It was a sad day when they closed their doors for good.

Seconding the majority opinion of the thread, which has been expressed much more eloquently than I ever could. Only the most fanatic of Japanophiles could possibly prefer the Sky Render translation.


Seriously, look at my user name and tell me what style you think I prefer. I think there was a similar translation of Chrono Trigger by fans as well. Because, you know, we lose so much without seeing Magus referred to with ‘-sama’.

The loss of Woosley’s efforts was pretty apparent in FF7, from oddities to outright errors (Off Course! and This Guy Are Sick come to mind). I keep wondering how different FF7 might have been if it had Woosley behind the localization.

Errors and questionable grammatical structures aside, from what I’ve read of the SR version, I like it quite a bit. You can say the English version makes Kefka seem more insane, but the Original has him more evil and twisted.

I like Relm’s character in the original. I had no idea she was such a pottymouth.

Maybe I’d like to see a PSP port with a new translation; a happy medium between the two.

You mean like the Game Boy Advance version?

pounces on SG, foaming at the mouth SON OF A SANDWORM!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? blood foam

Oh is it? Cool, Ill have to check it out.