Six People Murdered Over X-Box

Sad, sad, sad.

Some people are seriously insane.

Thou shalt not steal. Disgusting, yes, but I have an extremely difficult time pitying thieves.

God… What fucking idiots.

Pft. Whatever. An X-Box isn’t worth killing over.

Whats happening to the world? In a not-so-far future such Sick-O’s will beome President

Somehow, I doubt all six of them stole his X-Box. Even so, a quick slashing of the tires, keying of car, or tossing a flaming bag of dog shit onto his porch would have been a better method. Is $150 really worth killing for?

The people that killed them are probably the “Fuck man, you stepped on my shoe Shootdiekill” kind of people. The fucking retarded kind of people.

What’s the betting that someone’s going to try to sue Microsoft over this? :fungah:

Brutal. Beating someone todeath usually means it was a crime of passion. That Tony guy must’ve given those three other guys one hell of a pep talk to get them so riled up.

Problem was, they only suspected they stole the Xbox. There was absolutely no proof that it was them, and as was said, all 6 of them most likely did not conspire to steal one measly Xbox.

His name was Troy.

And yeah, it doesn’t even say if one of them stole the X Box. It’s quite obvious that the six of them didn’t do it, but he probably didn’t know which one supposably did. Nice motive.

What a way to die. That’s sick. And no, even if they were thieves, no one deserves to die that way. Them being thieves does not justify what that sick man did. Two wrongs don’t make a right, in this case.

Boy, this’ll certainly do wonders for the ‘Videogames promote violence!!’ debate. -_-

That’s horrible.

Was it modded?

Uh no, it was obviously premeditated. One of the suspects said that the ringleader had planned this. The three guys had to be found and recruited to the task. A crime of passion is like; a husband that comes home to find his wife in bed with another man and shoots them (And even then it could be thrown into question if he had to hunt around for his gun and remember the combonation to the lock or something).

And we don’t know if it’s over the X-Box, that was just the suspicions of the police. It didn’t really say that the three teenagers had mentioned any motive, and the ringleader hasn’t confessed to anything yet.

This reminds me of another news headline I saw and how I remembered it can be very misleading… and it saying ‘over Xbox’ when as already mentioned that… yeah… there was no proof about it being over it…

Jeez. Why would someone Kill somebody else over an X-Box. I mean they’re only 150 bucks new. I thought I heard something on the radio earlier on the way back to my house saying six people were killed over an X-Box, but I thought I misheard it.

Yeah, exactly! I’d PAY them to steal mine if I had one!!

Senseless violence and waste of human life…

I mean, an X-Box? That’s pathetic. Now, it had been a COOL system, like a PS2 or a Gamecube, okay, I could understand. But an X-box? That’s like killing somebody over those collectible plates with Elvis or Star Trek scenes on them, or something.

“You borrowed a pen from me in eighth grade and never gave it back! For this YOU MUST DIE!!!”

I mean, what the hell?

In my day, we were much more sensible and civilized; we killed each other over Air Jordan sneakers and “Starter” brand parka jackets emblazoned with the logos of football and basketball teams. You know, clothing. Stuff that people actually NEED.