Six Killed at Zombie Party.

Oddly related to Trillian’s thread.

Six killed at zombie party
From: From correspondents in Seattle
March 27, 2006

A gunman killed six young people at a “zombie party”, where revellers were made up to look dead yesterday.

The killer shot himself in the head when challenged by police as he left the murder house.
Two wounded party-goers were taken to hospital.

Seattle police scoured the scene for clues as to what prompted the shooting spree in the city’s trendy Capitol Hill neighbourhood.

“We have absolutely no idea what the motive is,” Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said.

"These appear to be almost execution-style shootings. He expended a large number of rounds.

"It was a zombie party. People had a lot of make-up on.
“There was fake blood and people made-up to look as if they were dead.”

Those slain included four men and two women, ranging in age from their teens into their 20s.

The gunman was described as being “quiet and almost humble” before leaving the party briefly on Saturday morning.

The man, a Seattle resident in his 20s, went to his parked truck and got a pistol-grip shotgun and a handgun, police said. He donned bandoliers of shotgun shells.

On his half-block walk back to the house, he paused to paint “NOW” in three spots, investigators said. He began shooting when he reached the party house.

“People inside the house began running and screaming in terror,” the police chief said.

“A pistol-grip shotgun is designed for hunting people.”

The gunman killed people on the first floor then went searching for more victims on the second-floor of the home, Mr Kerlikowske said.

Two girls were hiding in a locked room when the gunman fired through the door.

The gunfire was heard by neighbours as well as a police officer who happened to be about a block away.

The officer arrived to find a shooting victim in front of the house. He then noticed the gunman step out a door of the home.

The gunman put his shotgun to his head and fired as the officer ordered him to drop the weapon.

The gunman was among those attending a different Capitol Hill party involving about a thousand people on Friday night local time and had been invited to the house.

Seattle mayor Greg Nickels said it was the worst case of violence in the city in more than 20 years.


Explanation 1: The kid was on serious drugs, possibly hallucinogens. He came to believe that the people actually were zombies and tried to kill them all. Notice they mention “execution-style shootings.” That means in the head, the only real way to kill a zombie.

Explanation 2: They really were zombies, and this is all just an elaborate coverup. The kid could have been bitten, explaning why he shot himself in the head. Note that this happened in Seattle. If you start to see similar news stories appear on the west coast of the US, spreading out to central and eastern US, you know will know something is up. Prepare now!

If he did turn, I’m proud of him for having the sack to shoot himself. If I ever turn, I hope someone has the grapes to shoot me in the head.

Me and my sister Julia have reached an agreement: if there is ever a zombie attack, and one of us is bitten, the other will immediately blow off the other’s head, no hesitation. if we really lvoe each other, we’ll aim that shotgun right at each other’s heads, and splatter them against the wall.

…No, we’re not fucked up. >_>

My girlfriend and I reached the same agreement.

If we get turned into vampires or werewolves though, we wouldn’t kill each other. It would be too cool.

See, If I turned to a vampire, I’d want to be chained to a park bench using any means neccesary, and spend the rest of the night taliing with a friend or family member or loved one until I saw myt final sunrise. Damned if I’ll let myself be a souless abomination.

Werewolf would be tricky, though, sicne the status of your soul then is questionable.

I move that we do a Zombie Avatar week in memorial of the victims.

EDIT: Vampirism and Lycanthropsy are both theoretically reversable.

Someone’s been repeatedly watching Shaun Of The Dead.

If a friend of mine ever became a zombie, I’d take it as if I got someone who’ll work for me on housework for free (or maybe for a few chuncks of meat here and there).

I agree with explanation one. Either that or he was mentally ill. Either way something was wrong psychologically for him to shoot all those people.

Nah, werewolves ain’t too bad. They just, uh, have to sleep on a blanket instead of in bed one week in every four.

As for getting vampire’d, I dunno about waiting for the sunrise. Only if it’s instantaneous and painless. If it’s slow and “ARRRRGH ARGH ARGH ARGH MY FAAAACE” for 15 minutes, uh, anyone got any quicker means?

One thing that seems strange to me is why he was painting “Now” along the way back to the party house?

Perhaps he is mentally ill, but had a personal connection to the victims?

Edit: Exept those whom were shot through the door. Maybe he just did that cause he was looking for someone else and was frustrated that the door was locked so he shot through it.

Anywho, things like this have obviously happened before, I.E. Columbine shootings. Either way, he was out of his mind.

I’m actually kinda hoping they really were zombies. A zombie invasion would certainly be something interesting, at least.

The 2 kids were taken to the hospital. I hope this wasnt real, Im about 1 week from getting laid with the girl of my dreams.

I fell like Setz, and rightly so, although I will not mention such things again, but seriously! NOT FAIR!

…Simmer, maybe I’m just dense, but what the hell did that have to do with the topic at hand?

O.o dude… that’s royaled fucked up.

If I was turned into a zombie I think I’d want my friend’s to shoot me with no remorse… either that or I’m gonna eat them. :smiley:

The threat of zombies doesn’t really scare me. Just go to florida if it starts somewhere north.
If it starts somewhere south, it’ll be contained as quickly as someone can say “BILLY GET ME MY DUCK GUN”

Vampires is where it’s at.
You get to be damn fast, damn attractive, and all you would have to do is feed on random homeless people to keep it going.
Hell, you’d have an army of vampiric hobos at your command.
Who doesn’t want that?

Nonono. If there’s a zombie infestation, go someplace cold, like Alaska or Russia. Lack of warm blood makes Zombies a little… fragile in cold atmosphere.

Wow. O.o My only conclusion is that kid was either hallucinating or had just seen Dawn of the Dead way too many times. Hell, just in case it’s a coverup, I’m putting together one of those armored buses and heading for Canada. But if I DO turn into a zombie, my only request is to at least be able to bite Jack Thompson before I’m shot.

If that was an attempt to sound cool, words can’t express how badly it failed.

Busses suck, fyi. Seriously, they get crappy gas ileage, and that means constant stops to refuel. TOo risky for my tastes. Also, their maneuverability is ASS.

A really cool soulless abomination.

Admit it. You can’t refute my logic.

If they had a zombie movie start in the South, it would be over after 30 minutes. Or zombies would get shotguns.