Sin's hair

is not that great.

I’ve had it.

It won’t get you chicks.

It’s not fun to take care of.

Girls in real life don’t stare at you thinking, wow it’s fucking hotohori.

They don’t even know who hotohori is.

I barely know who hotohori is.

Sin’s a lovely guy, but don’t stop getting haircuts on his account. He’s cool because he’s Sin, and no matter how hard you try, you can not be Sin.

I don’t really know where this is going, but… shut the fuck up about his hair. >_>;;;

In Collage… most of the men whant to be Sin… I mistaken several Men for girls.

Actually , the hair is that great. It has helped get me chicks, chicks that have gotten with me have oodled over it IRL and it has been the source of gossip and strange advances and an endless series of compliments from known and unknown people. Hades loses. My hair also requires less work when its long than when its short. All I do is shower daily and brush. Occasionally, I’ll straighten.

Like I said on MSN, I think your luck with women has been your initiative and balls. The hair is icing.

I don’t straighten or brush.

What Sin said, I’ve got pretty much the same haircut and I’ve never had any trouble taking care of it.

How often do you cut the edges?

The only haircut I’ve had in 4 years was 1 year ago to my shoulders for my MD PhD interviews. I should get it cut again soon back up to my shoulders.

Ive also mistooken dudes for girls and its quite embarrasing.Im still not used to the idea of guys having longer hair than most chicks.But although Sin is just regular person,I find that his hair is pretty friggin’ great…All hail the mane.

And I thought it was problematic to wait for my dye to wear out. Soon, the roots’ll grey everything out, though it’ll look kinda cool. Wish I had a Blackjack-type dye-up one day.

Also, growing it long, since I got enough of no-hair in the army. Sheesh.

Edit: Seraphim, the Blue-Haired freaks never got 3-5 on this board ;_;

I have been mistaken for a girl a handful of times. Its kind of embarassing. Each time the gf I had at the time was rolling on the ground in laughter =_=;;

As I told Hades, I have been accosted in supermarkets, in the subway train, at school , in administrative offices, getting fucking ice cream, in my classes, I’ve received an email from a couple girls that were implying they wanted a threesome with their tutor who looked like the singer from afi, all saying something along the lines of “wow your hair amazing” or “god that’s disgusting, its so unfair”. I’m not the type that likes to brag. I’m just saying this to show Hades he’s wrong.

A lot of guys don’t have the same luck with long hair for a lot of reasons; simply, sometimes it just doesn’t work for that particular person. Facial features, style, size, proportions, etc…

Sin if you add a fringe to that shot… I think you look like TA Ninja and Assasain jobs… Yeah I know Assasain is a Viera job.

Yeah, I haven’t gotten a real cut since October 2002, but I heard you should clip the ends every few months for some reason. I really don’t know, it’s not like I have split ends or anything.

A teacher once called me “Miss” when looking at my back. Thankfully, I’m now a bit too tall for that but my classmates never let me hear the end of it.

If you mean girls, yeah, it’s not magical for everyone as I can testify. But I do look a lot better this way than when I cut it short.

I think by telling people to shut the fuck up about his hair, I’ve inadvertently caused more hype. I’m a failure.

About the only reason to get your hair trimmed at the edges is to make it look more shaped for the length it is. That’s the reason I get it cut anymore.

Last time I got a haircut, I thought my hair was horribly destroyed with frayed ends and the like. Turns out it just needed a different kind of conditioner.
I also found out that washing everyday actually dries it out. At least with my hair.


the only solution is to post more

Dont’ even start, Steve. I may be a slight failure, but you’re absolutely rock bottom at just about everything.

And you suck at guitar and your band will fail >_>;

I like how you take offense to everything and think it’s a personal attack.
I just got a bit of a smile out of what you said, and thought I’d show that. I’m sorry you’re insecure enough to mistake a smile as an indication of me calling you a failure.

Now you make me want to frown :frowning:
Look what you did :frowning:

That’s what I wanted to know, thanks.

Sad. Fuckers don’t know how to value a good human-eating monster in bishonen form.

What do you want? Some aloe? Ha ha

How about a fucking cupcake? >_>;;

Get a haircut you fuckin’ hippies!

“At least you haven’t gone cupcake fucking.”

Also, Nick, if you have to have your hair trimmed down to marine cut, it doesn’t mean we have to. I had to have a short trim for a loooooooong half year, and it was enough for me. Sheesh, it was so cold EVEN with the furhats, ears down…