Simple question.

I’ve been accused of doing drugs at my school. Two friends are claiming I did it with them. I’m getting bloodwork to prove them fuckers wrong tomorrow.

But, I have a question: how long does it take for a drug to leave your blood system? Let’s say I took in a drug, and it dissolves and shit. Then it goes into my system. On average, how long does it take to leave a human system?

Think with pot it can be over a month. The test can probably detect things that you did several months ago, if it’s anything like the tests insurance companies do.

Let’s say it was a small pill, irregular to the normal body system?

Why not ask the people doing the drug test?

So, you did some drug, and you want to find out how long to wait before going to test to prove against it? Yeah-huh, I thought so.

Don’t even fucking joke, Shinryu. I’m the last person ever to do that.

Yeah, you are definitely not sounding innocent here.

The people who accused me, who are my two main friends at school, were both suspended for a week.

Well, why did you ask this question, if you’re innocent? Why would it matter how long it would take for a drug to get completely out of your system if you’ve never done any?

Dude, just take the test. It’ll come negative even if the dope wasn’t supposed to leave your system by then, so what’s the problem?
Look up the drug that you are worried about with this website and try to find out if the particular vault says how long it stays in your body. That website is very informative on drugs.

*edit: and out of curiousity, what drug is it that you are being suspected for using?

Only one week for drug use? Damn. My school was under the Nancy Reagan program. Instant expulsion.

Who the fuck cares? Everyone does drugs. Not that i am saying it is okay, but its fairly common in society. Hell, you can’t even get in trouble for it at my school anymore.

Why is it so big of a deal?

<!----ROFLCOPTOR---->The entire state of Michigan has a Zero Tolerance Policy from what I remember.<!----LOLLERSKATES---->

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<!-- I, for one, have never done drugs, and so look upon Setz and his “betrayers” askance at best. Not that I don’t have friends who’ve done drugs, mind you, but being an ectomorph with a serious thing for programming and dexterity skills, I consider my nervous system a tad too important to inflict uncontrolled substances upon it wantonly. Oh, and ROFL LOL OMG UR A PoTHEd AOL ^0^ fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu -->

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