Silent Hill, the movie

It’s got a good writer, at least…

OH!!! No wonder your avatar always looks like it moves! IT DOES!!! That’s fucked up!!!11

Sit down and drink your godamn tea!

Let’s see how they fuck this one up.

Hopefully it doesn’t take a fudgy turn like RE did. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I think this will be pretty good, but not as good as Alone In The Dark.


Silent Hill the movie? Well , I hope it turns out to be awesome!!

It doesn’t seem to move for me. Well, it did, then I read your post, and it stopped. Damn you, Hades!

I think this will be pretty good, but not as good as Alone In The Dark.

Are you fucking kidding me?! SH >>>>>>> AitD Besides, the movie for AitD looks like garbage.

The original AitD came before RE, effectively making it possibly the first of the survival horror games. I never got into it, but it gets quite some credit for that.

Yeah; it’s commonly mistaken, even by myself sometimes, that AitD came out before RE. I was suprised when I heard this, 'cause Capcom rambles on about how they started the genre.

Still, Silent Hill is one of the better starting Survival Horror games.

That is something I could drink too.

Not having Uwe Bolle (sp?) to screw this up gives so much hope. So much.


Indeed. >.>

One might say that Sweet Home holds that particular title. And that one’s based off a movie, if memory serves.

But, I am sure there were many text based games with a horror theme as well. No titles that come to mind, but I am certain they were out there. THere really is no way to trace a genre so broad.

But, I can understand why AitD was considered the grand daddy of them all… it seems ALL horror games since then used the same control scheme, along with a similar background-item-character interface.

Just so long as Uwe Boll isn’t doing it.

I think Silent Hill was the first survival horror game with rotatable camera angles. Anyone want to clarify?

Well, in SH3, I’m not so sure you could rotate the camera around. Maybe a chance, but I really doubt it. It’s been a while since I played it…I mean, most of the time it wouldn’t have come in handy anyway I think…you just might be right in your assumption though, I didn’t use it much even if it did have it.

Uwe Boll is how you say his name. Pull him up, and you’ll find out he’s made the critically hailed as terrible movie House of the Dead in 2004, is currently up for making a movie for Bloodrayne, Hunter: The Reckoning, and others…better yet look at this I found.

I just know you Far Cry fans are going to LOVE it! :mwahaha:

I just read a rumor that he approached Konami to make a Metal Gear Solid movie, which they denied him to do.


In some rooms in SH3, you cannot rotate the camera… well, in like, 40% of the rooms.