Silent Hill, the movie

I can’t wait till I poop my pants watching this one.

I want that game!!! D: What system it’s for?

I’ve never really got into many horror games, since they’re not really my style. But I can’t wait to see this, it should be very nice.

Nice? Rofl. Silent Hill isn’t nice, nor is it meant to be nice. It’s not a nice town. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope they dont fuck it up. But I dont have a whole lot of hope. I just hope it dont turn out like this:

Thats a fake trailer btw

As I saw this thread, dear trillian, the only thoughts in my mind were, “Pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood”. I don’t think my psyci could handle a let down like a bad silent hill movie. =’( It would ruin the games for me.


I know…I’m really hoping they won’t butcher it, and hey, if it actually turns out well, it’d be a good starting point for the redemption of the whole game-based movie genre. If not, <s>I want the director’s severed head on a silver platter</s> I won’t see the movie.

SH already had a rather cinematic feel to it as is, that will definately aid the movie to a degree.

This might be the first cynical post, as well as the firs one where I cuss, but dude, no matter how good a cinematic feel that game has, it doesn’t mean a damn thing if put in the wrong hands.

How the hell can it not turn out well? It’s a Silent Hill movie! If Akira Whatshisface is in with the movie; and actually helps, then it cannot go wrong!