Sigh the good old days of agora rpgclassics

lol sad, little ranty here.

Just kinda miss everyone, and how busy this place used to be. Kinda a ghost of its old self. Sad.
LOL yeah, even missed those who thought I was a bit off me rocker with some of me posts haha.

Well maybe one day things will start to grow again.

Maybe when we’re all pensioners and have free time again?

A ghost at least haunts and raises a ruckus somewhat consistently. If there was a ghost of this place, I’d say it got exorcised a while ago.

I think the day of internet forums has kinda passed, tbh :confused: I still check up on a handful, but most of the ones I used to be a part of have essentially died. Which sucks :confused:

I suspect that Something Awful happened to this place.

I mean, who needs old HTML walkthroughs of even older RPGs when you have people play the game for you while other people chime in to either discuss what just happened, to chip in with some obscure factoid, to vote on a course of action for the player to take, or to derail the thread. Amirite?

True… but this place has not been much of a resource for a fair while. I think it’s the community that makes up this place that has kept it a alive a oppose to the information. not saying I don’t like it; years ago I came here constantly to check up on stuff for games. However, now with youtube having become a mainstream source of information, these forums and and such have become far less useful.

I still come here to see though and look through the shrines every now and then… plus to see if Zep has any new outrageous comments to make! xD

I have never been anything less than sane, sober and rational in my posting on these forums.

You’d be surprised how many people still google stuff up because they want to read up on some info as opposed to watching "let’s play"s with shitty commentary, especially when it comes to RPGs (where in some cases lists on equipment and monsters and loot and shit can be pretty helpful). Videos are mostly helpful when you get stuck in shooters, jump’n’runs or other types of games where you get stuck because you don’t know where to go, how to do a jump or how to “physically” do something.

I also still get the occasional emails (like twice a month) from people who read the FF8 shrine and write me strategies for Ultima/Omega weapon, random trivia, useless game secrets, ask for advice or point out how either Cifer’s or Squall’s height is still wrong on the bio page. The tiny detailed crap people pay attention to is amazing.
The info on RPGC is still valuable and very useful imo. It could really shine again if only it made the jump to the 21st century in terms of design, contribution and administration.

Last I’ve heard the site wasn’t taking any more shrines for the sake of working on wiki’s that nobody wants to work on.

Hell, a shrine would be a hell of a lot more productive use of my time in unemployment purgatory than reading LPs.

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We still accept the occasional shrine, actually. Still get the occasional request too.

So what would the proper channels be to request a Shrine and is Radiant Historia available for enshrining?

Man, I’ve still got my shrine and a standstill atm. I’m still keen to keep going but it’s not the same as it used to be after uni being at home 24/7! xD I should make time for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask in the shrine forum. I suppose so?

It might be a while before I get around to providing access. There should be a post somewhere in the that forum with a link to the current template ( see main page. )

one day when rpgclassics is money i’ll be one of those oldschool guys and have money

As Fanatic72802, I resemble your remarks.

All of them.



Hey Nulani, do people still have access to the Tartarus? I looked into this old link but couldn’t find my shrine in there? :S

If you have lost it, let me know and I’ll check. Otherwise, the link to shrines in Tartarus is:<shrine_abbreviation>.

Especially when most (I reckon about 90%) of the videos out there have shitty commentary.

Although I have to admit, most of the forums I post at or lurk in are getting more quieter.

I played DQ I&II last year and at some point I needed some details. Guess which site google directed me towards. On the other hand RPGC’s content nowadays probably ranks as old old school and sometimes even the wikias of the world have trouble with some game. The wiki wasn’t a bad idea, but it probably came too late.