shitty polls

Okay, considering what you know about me, would you consider me a friend? Or an enemy, or someone just to be ignored? Let me know!

Depends…Do you like Chocobos or not?

What do you think about me thread: part II

also, no.

We all know some day it WILL happen so will you become a zombie or try to kill them?

Not even the slightest hesitation. Kill the zombies, take down as many of the godforsaken bastards as I can! Humanity must join together, for we WILL overcome any adversity, even itf it coems from our very own dead!

I think there was a zombie thread a while ago that detailed the majority of my plans… will need to find it again.

Get the soda cans, squirt guns, and weedwhackers kids, we’re goin’ zombie-huntin’!

Go in the garage, get supplies, get my friends, and find the nearest horde.

Val know’s what to do. I’m going to find Val and fight, Val has plans and shit <<

I’m fighting. And without the need of guns either, I’m using my sword.

And hell if I was lucky and they attacked on the right night, I would have the back up of my whole sword club. Including my sensei, who is so skilled with a katana.

Idiot. Swords are cute and all, but you’d get tired way too easily. How long do you think you can keep fighting with just a sword? A gun is way too handy a tool to dismiss.

Its a known fact that the Apocolypse/Armageddon would come sooner than the possibilty of humans ever cooperating among masses. Screw that, every man for themselves on this one. Id say fight with every arm weapon you can find and avoid retarded horror movie cliches like not knowing where to shoot and always look behind you dammit!

Really? So, Apocalypse has come already? Sicne that’s the only way we can be sure that’s a known fact.

I say that, while ALL of humanity might not come together to one side, enough of us would at least fight side by side to fight back this new scourge. To use an analogy my sister came up with for soemthign else: “Hey! You assholes and you assholes team up with US assholes, and let’s take care of these NEW assholes, so we can all go back to being assholes on a more personal level!”

Nah I’d gather a large horde of zombies and create the world’s first undead empire. So long as I get me a “cute” Japanese zombie queen by my side.

That’s incredibly disturbing.


Also, why would YOU be the emporer? And why would you want a ROTTING CORPSE by your side?

I would have to blow you up with thermite you know.Then I would nuke your zombies…Then burn them so they dont come back to life.The start a vampire empire out of what is left of your empire…

Sadly,. Ziggy brought up the greatest danger to humanity, come the Zombie attack - the cultists. While the majority of the world would suddenly find religion, some wouldn’t find good religion. THere’s sure to be idiots who think that becoming a zombie is great, and sacrifice themselves to the horde. THis isn;t much of a danger for individual cases, but what about those BEHIND the barricades? THose who would open the way for the zombies to attack? THis is our greatest danger, the traitors to humanity. THis is also covered in page 7 of my colelge thesis “Zombie Attacks: what you need to know to survive.”

I’d totally go Ash on all yo’ undead asses. >:D

Zombies must be fought. Such is the order of things.

Ya you see, no one understands the undead, I mean its not like they willed themselves to come back. I’D be emperor, because I’m the only one here standing with them. I would be emperor, because no one else understand them,

I’m a rotting corpse myself. so of course I’m gonna want one for my wife!

You living need the zombies by your sides, what happens when the aliens invade, and the cyborgs rebel?

Valkyrie, do you have a link to that thesis? I’d like to read it, it might be interesting!

We all know some day it WILL happen so will you bow before our robotic overlords or try to destroy them?