Shinra sucked

I just realized that they were using the spirit energy. I.E. peoples souls to power everything.

Only 10 years to figure it out, eh?

Also, it wasn’t just people’s souls, it was EVERYTHING’S souls.

Don’t blame him. He’s just a kid.

If you think that’s bad, you’ll probably want to put down teh Soylent Green you’re eating, too.

Fuck you, I was gonna do that.

Yeah, but who cares, they’re not people.

Also what’s wrong with soylent green? eats faster

It contains potassium benzoate.

It’s made out of used RPGC skins.


Oh, That explains where it went.

Originally Posted by Arac
Oh, That explains where it went.

Really!? I thought it ended up on that dreadful Planet of the Apes.

I refuse to believe this. Long live Shinra! Long live Soylent Green!

What’s Soylent Green?

Noone makes a mess about our decomposed ancestors who have become delicious burgers. Hypocrites.

You’re all forgetting the most important part of the fucking conspiracies, man. The ones that like, nobody covers up so much that it’s actually covered up like twenty times over, man! Like the one about the fucking giant walrus living in a cave that controls the US Treasury Department that is being controlled by the an experiment of the Canadian army gone horribly wrong that is being watched by the fucking Illuminati which was in ACTUALITY founded by J. Edgar Hoover’s secret time traveling Nazi Communist Polar Bears in the year 1000 AD! Do you realize what this means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS FUCKING MEANS, MAN!

Of course you don’t, you’re too naive. You live in a world where you practically pay for oxygen, man, nothing in life is free… except what they don’t want to tell you about. No! You don’t know what you’re dealing with. When I tell you what’s up, it’s going to blow your fucking mind SKYWARD into the stratosphere! Your left pinky toe will try to crawl out through your fucking SKULL, man! But man, I have to tell you. I know you won’t believe me, but you have to know the truth!

Allright: here it is. The big one. Don’t blame me if you FREAK THE FUCK OUT, man!

Aeris dies.

The vast majority of us are numb to your foolish games, and are used to the lackluster contributions you make to both this forum and your utterly boring style of humor.

How… familiar.

Well said Rountree.

It comes from Chocobo poo!

Now you know how i feel. Doesn’t feel too good, does it?