Shadowrun Campaign

Yo, I’m thinking of running a Shadowrun game, and I’m wodnering who’s interested. Times will be decided later ,but it’ll be in #HH if it gets started.

I come in heavy cyberware

I’ll be the rigger.

Weird… I was just about to post a ‘looking for Shadowrun campaign’ thread. Awesome.

Anyway, I’d be a Samurai or Decker. I usually pick to be a Samurai who takes several Karma points into computers, but if we have too many Samurai, I’ll switch to a Decker with a lot of points in combat skills.

How willing would you be to take in a complete newbie?

(I actually DO own a sourcebook, but could never get any of my friends to try it with me. It’s currently gathering dust.)

Even if you’ll have me, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be in. If I am, I’ll probobly play a mage. Mages are cool.

I also haven’t played since late second edition, so I’d probably benefit from a brief update.

Eh, it seems like all of us (excluding HH) have never played SR3 before, so I doubt getting you into it would be a problem, Mr. GG. Besides, we’re in dire need of a mage >.>

Everyone’s welcome. I think. Don’t make HH’s brain implode, please. But the Thing is, we need a time. And I’m horrible DM. Just letting you know in advance.

You’re not bad; you’re just an improvisation machine. =p

Yeah. I need to finish a shrine so i can change me title to “The Improving DM”

Is there some kind of program in existance for making character sheets for this, or would I have to type all the data up in Notepad or somesuch?

Note pad or somesuch, as far as i know, but i’m not very up to date with this kind of stuff. And oh, What’s your timezone?

So What time will we be slotting this game in, We are all est -3est or -4est so we shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a good spot.

I think me and kor are -5 GMT which is eastern standard time (EST)

US Eastern here.

Right… If we want to play any time soon, it can’t be on Saturday morning for me…, since I’m taking exams on saturday for two weeks, and besides, I’m thinking Saturday evening… around 17:00 EST?

I’d be up for this. I’ll just <strike>download</strike> get the books now.

I could meet then.

Oh, and there’s character sheets and a whole bunch of such things at The Offical Shadowrun Game Site.

Default Setting of Seatle, NO DECKERS, for now anyway. And oh, Gilly noticed that my game time coincides with VS’s. So it should start around 19:30 EST, I think

Oh, just so everybody knows, don’t fuck with my character. His mental stability is incredibly low. He has torn off a man’s head for not giving him a ride when he wanted one. He ate the head, too. He’s hardcore. ::hols up fingers in ‘X’ shape and sticks out tongue::
Seriously, though. Dont’ fuck with him.
He’s a sociopathic, sadistic, psychotic Street Samurai with a surgical addiction.

To summarize him: He will eat your head, and suffer no ill effect. He will get hit in the chest with a missile and suffer no ill effect.