Shadowrun Campaign

I foresee my char being forced to drive Arac’s character around Seattle when we’re not doing runs.

And I forsee that this isn’t going to last for very long.

I’m currently cobbling together a character sheet. Human Mage. Probobly gonna take me awhile to get used to the ins and outs of combat…

Oh, and I have my own dice, if needed.

There’ll be no need for dice; HH has a +1 dice script of leetness.

A human mage, eh?

I was thinking of keeping out of this, but with a Human mage in the mix, I think I might give it a go again.

Don’t worry, I won’t make you drive me around. I’ll always go in on a run. I’m not completely insane… I still have logic in my actions, just no inhibition and no morals, along with a murderous streak and surgical addiction. Okay, yeah, I’m pretty damn crazy, but crazy in a useful ‘Take off my muzzle and point me at the enemy and run. When you return, I’ll be all that’s left,’ kinda way.
Oh, and popping a head into my mouth to chew should be a free action. Also, if any of you want your character to die, for any reason, I’m good for that, too. Just insult me or something. I’ll eat you all up!

I’m really functional, for a complete madman, though. Just don’t put me in a situation where stealth is needed. Ever.

EDIT: Or, any time you need to negotiate with someone who you want to survive.

I foresee my character standing over Arac’s bullet filled corpse. Unless by some miracle his sluggish troll reflexes allow him to go first. Still, I don’t want to waste 10 APDS rounds to annihilate him.

Edit: Also, I highly doubt anything arac does can be more disturbing than Ruda’s proposed Penis Flamethrower mage.

I should get my cyberware spur implanted on my penis, instead. Then I’d show the Rud!

Oh, and VS, I’m offended. I bet I could live through like eleven rounds. Maybe twelve. =P

Also, if you do decide to allow Deckers, I think I’d like to be one, HH. I’m fine as this, though.

I’m having a bit of trouble picking out items to buy. A weapon and a body armor, of course. And maybe some magical items(Once I learn a bit more about 'em…)
Any tips/suggestions for what else I should have?

No Shadowrun this week guys, and I might just end the campaign entirely, but I want to hear your thought on whether or not you think I should continue this.

Hm. I’ve already basically said this, but I could be fine either way. On one hand, I like this campaign, and shadowrun, a lot, and had a great time in the last session. On the other, being in five campaigns (three online and I’m running the other two), is a bit difficult, what with driving lessons and whatnot. So, while making time for the game is a pain in the ass, the game is definitely fun enough to make up for it, but I could go either way.

I think you should go on. You’ve lain the foundation for an interesting story so far, and I’d like to see wher you can take it.

Though I’m a bit biased by the fact that this is the only campaign I’m in. (And only the second I’ve ever been in.)

As I’ve said countless times before, it’s your choice. If you want to continue, do so; if not… well, don’t. =p

I likes the shadowrun rules, I’d like to see how well you can dm them, the question is, CAN YOU HANDLE SHADOWRUN? :slight_smile:

Psh, I can handle anything, but handling it well is a different matter.

If you want some more time to plan, things’d be much easier for me if Shadowrun was cancelled for this week.
Also, VS, could your game time be pushed back by an hour or so, to 5:00 EST?

Hasn’t it been pushed back an hour alot lately, with my tests for the last two weeks?

Yeah, I meant pushing it back an hour further than that. I thought that was the new regular time.

Depends, See, if HH is shadowrunning pushing it back another hour would run into his game time.

This game time isn’t working well. ARe you guys free on sunday, or would it just occupy too much of your weekend. THe alternative on friday would push it to around 10 EST for you guys , and most of you have a game in the morning the next day.