SG's truck's bitch

Bought it last Saturday, picked it up just this morning…

It’s an '87 Camaro Z28, 133,000 km with no real problems or mechanical issues and… well, take a look:

(High-res warning)

Cost me $9250, so’s I have a vested interest in keeping it around for awhiles. Don’t s’pose anyone has any advice they’d like to share?

Also, apparently I’m s’posed to name it now. Any suggestions? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet I don’t care.

<img src=“”>

'91 Lumina Z34, 126k miles, no real mechanical issues, cost me $2700.

Custom paint job alone costed $2.5k, but the previous owner had it painted.

edit: Also, name it skippy

I got a 2005 silver ford taurus. 45000 miles, Steering wheel, headlights, and wheels-FOUR of them.

I win this thread.

1995 BMW in California. I win.

Pretty nice, but it needs a bath (points at pic #3). I’m enjoying my new car I got a month ago (2007 Honda Civic LX).

I was thinking the car was crazy fast when I saw the 240 on the spedometer, but then I realized it is km and not miles (which is sitll pretty fast though).

1990 White Ford Ranger Custom 2WD - Vinyl seats. Driver side door doesn’t open, passenger side door doesn’t unlock in anything except hot weather. Pump brakes. Right fender isn’t painted (and since chrome is black…). Has the wrong tailgate attached. Leaks oil, transmission fluid, and maybe even power steering fluid. 22 MPG on highways, 18 MPG in traffic.

I fucking win this thread. If any mods agree with me, close the thread now.

P.S: Name it “SG’s truck’s bitch”

I have a bike. Take that, global warming!

Living in Canada has given me an appreciation for global warming.

I haven’t owned a car for 8 months, I however live a mile and a half away from where I work so whatever, I’m saving money on car payments and insurance.

You could have just switched to Geico.

I used to have a 1989 white Chevrolet Celebrity. That thing had 300,000+ miles on it. It was hell accelerating up a hill from a stop. I had to accelerate, let off the gas until the transmission caught, then I could accelerate again. The fuel gauge didn’t work, so I only knew I had to refeul it at around 300 miles.

I prefer my Sentra though. <3 that car.

Free public transportation for students everywhere in the country, fuckers.

I’d rather drive. It gives me a sense of autonomy.

Yeah. Cars put the auto in autonomy.

I wish I had a car. I need to take my lessons this summer. =\

You can have your sense of autonomy, I’ll stick with my piles of cash.

I’m 20 years old now, and I still don;t have my driver’s license, let alone a car. I’m a pariah, or something.

Jobs come in handy for that - also, I can actually go out late at night.

Yeah I wish I could go out late at night, that’s really the only reason I miss having a car.