Sexy Stereotypes

I like the weathergirl, the tomboy, the nerdy ultra-smart cookie, the nice sweet hot girl who doesn’t realize she’s hot and is friends with losers like me because she doesn’t care and doesn’t try anyway, and some other ones.

What stereotypes do you find sexy?

The ones who put out.

None, I’m not a stereotype.

I’d say sexy nerds, but that’s more like the opposite of a stereotype. Um, I’ll go with the cute, quite ones. And redheads, if that counts.

I like nerd guys who spend their lunch hour on their laptop computers and play chess. Now that’s sexy.

The weathergirl?

Hardcore motherfuckers. The kind of girl who’ll chug a bottle of tequila and then smash it into your forehead if you give her shit about it.
That, and just girls who are really forward, I don’t know, I think of this is the Rudie Girl stereotype, but outside of the Ska scene, it might be something else. Sometimes, the damsel in distress things gets me, but I try to avoid that one.

You know, the cute sexy weather Anchor!

The baby.

The one that doesn’t lie to you.

Oh wait, thats not a stereotype, its a myth.

Hey, womankind, need some aloe vera for that BURN? Oooooh. Actually, none of my non-met-them-at-a-ska-show girlfriends have lied to me. . . I think. . . I type this as one of my ex’s reads over my shoulder, by the way.

The Bi girl that knows how to turn everybody on.

:moogle: The drunk girl.

I don’t believe in stereotypes. Well, they exist, but I don’t pay attention to them enough to catagorize people like that. I do it differently. Everyone is different.

Girls who are good at tolerating things.

Girl on the internet.

Uhh… I’m partial to schoolgirl, myself.

I think glasses are cute, and being nerdy/geeky turns me on, but that is not enough for me to like a girl. I like the ones who are more than someone who just fits in a stereotype.

But in this thread we’re talking about stereotypes.
It’s not what you like, it’s “what stereotypes do you find sexy.”

Well, people are too complex to be reduced to stereotypes, but if I decided to pick my favorite ones… hmmm… I guess I’m partial for shy, quiet and nice girls, although a surprisingly daring one might also be interesting.

Yeah, glasses are totally hot. And curly hair. Curly hair is hot.

That sounds a lot like someone I know…