Sexy News of Sexiness

I have won The Norma Jean Yembrick Playwriting Award at SUNY Oswego. A competent actor and another competent playwright judge decided that my work was the best out of over one hundred submissions. Not only this, but my play was about zombies (well, to be fair, it’s about dehumanization and blah blah blah shut up, you pompous ass!).

It was submitted as “Morte Del Coltura” but I’ve renamed it since then to “They Walk Among Us.” I don’t think that there are many playwrites here, but I thought that you guys would rejoice or something. The next step: I’m going to try to get it published and performed somewhere. Will I succeed? Probably not. But I’ll try!

Whoa! Congratulations. You should post some hightlights of the play here. Good luck on getting it out there for performance.

Totally groovy. Congrats, man. :smiley:

Let me know if you ever wanna do a musical.

I’m serious.

“They Walk Among Us.” is a very cliche name. How about “Re-animated corpses terrorize small japanese fishing village during world war z”


The reason that I call it “They Walk Among Us” is not just because of the zombie factor, but because it’s the attitude of the world at large. The zombies aren’t people to them, they’re “others.” So “They” walk among us. It is especially appropriate because the zombies aren’t nearly as menacing as people think they are.

Skankin’: Hells yes I’d do a musical. Of course, my idea of a musical and your idea of a musical might be a little different. If I ever made a musical, it would be like… off-off Broadway. Something like Urinetown or Avenue Q.

Congratulations, GAP. We’ve long known you had the talent and the philosophy to win something like this, so we know you deserve it. Keep going at it!

Wohoo! Sweetly done, Roun!

Hey, congrats! Good luck with the publishers.

playwright, no?

Way to go GAP. I can’t wait to see one of your plays hitting the Broadway!

Dude, awesome. Sounds like you did good work, man.

You say that as if I wouldn’t LOVE to write or perform music for a musical like Avenue Q or Urinetown (which, funny enough, my university’s theatre department is doing next semester). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking that if we both do a musical, SG, that we should make one about Jack Thompson. The only problem is that I’ve never written for MUSICAL theater before. I don’t think it would be a problem (the first time I wrote a creative nonfiction piece was two weeks ago, and it blew away one of my professors), but I’ve never written it before.

Excellent news, bruthaman. Go!

I have an idea for a musical. :frowning:

And congrats, Roun.

That’s really cool, congradulations! :smiley:

draws hat Congratulations plum hat, my respects. o.o We’re gonna keep getting threads like this, I tell you! Next one’s gonna be “I won the pulitzer prize!” or nobel prize for literature, or something! :open_mouth:

That’s cool. That’s even cooler than when I won that stupid screenplay contest at the GIA before they shut down.

What are you gonna do with your hundred bucks?

Cant be worse than High School Musical.