Sex and Violence - Creation? Positives? Hello?

You know, for a while now, I’ve been thinking. In our current situation, it’s much more acceptably thought of to view destruction of people and persons in entertainment.

On the other hand, it’s very very very very frowned upon to present the creation part, which you’d think of as a positive thing over, you know, annihilation of beings.

I mean, mortality itself is a serious issue and we have certain urges in our lives, but it’s kinda bad how entertainment places emphasis on our most prominent instinct of survival, and how it tends to fail miserably. On the hand, the other urge, reproducing is also seen in negative, or “just” supplementing light, when rape and the ‘needs’ of ‘heroes’ are in abundancy in our mainstream entertainment.

It’s just so much easier to cause (collateral) damage upon beings and structures? Hello, I know movies about building things sound boring, but this world seriously needs a severe headfix.

Do I sound like a hippie? I should just spend an evening over a bottle of cheap wine and good chocolate, thinking about the subtle wrongs of this world and just laugh at it. Or…?


It all gets better with more wine, trust me.



Man Nulani just opened up the gates to hell because of the pervs that most likely have closet kicks for her.

You, you mean?


While Nul is hot, rape is wrong.

And erape is just weird.

But Mabat, you’re from Finland. As a neighbour of Sweden, you should know that we don’t frown about sex, but violence. Then again, we’re so busy humping in the forests that-

Oh wait, that was just rumours started by American media about the “scandalous” introduction of sex ed. in Swedish schools during the 50’s. My bad ;D

I’m referring to mainstream entertainment, not my personal life… er… cough

Yes, we’re pretty open about such things. Now, uh, lav and peas?

I’m sorry, I stopped reading at that point.::dekar!::

Mabat, I think the only way to push the social movement you want is to go out and start fornicating like a wild animal in the streets. That’ll show those pantywad social conservatives, what with their bowties and their money and their low-volume, sedate music.

Pff. And people say I’VE got a twisted mind… :noway:

Maba: Get a haircut, ya hippie.

Well, this is the typical default of thought here in the states, especially here in the godforsaken bible belt:

Sex = fun, and therefore it’s dirty rotten FILTH that cannot be discussed or ever performed except with your spouse, after you’re married, elsewise (especially if you’re female) you’re obviously a whore. Remember kids, fun is a BAD thing, and must always be avoided at all costs.

Violence = Ok, if it’s for survival, especially when attacking those godless Indian savages/Nazis/Aliens/whatever.

I would like to point out though, that snuff films or snuff/porn are considered to be just as horrid or worse than your typical porn flick. shrug Draw your own conclusions.

Sex is a more powerful force on human beings than violence is. That’s why people are more afraid of it.

This is a good thing, I guess, because it means creation is more powerful on people’s psyche than destruction is.

I think it’s more a matter of oh jesus he’s gonna stick that thing in my butt than creation, honestly.

Well… yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some people secretly lust over death of living being in society;
Some people secretly want to kill someone for no reason.
Some people think sexual intercourse is negative because their parents (i.e. Do not say anything about it therefore is perceived as negative) and society/press(i.e. censorship) says so and people don’t say anything positive about it.
Of course, this is because people in the world are not “equal” and “fair”.
Every human being in Gaia is separated by politics, resources, emotion, education, location, status, responsiblility, and, of course, money.

EDIT : Well I think what you can do is raise awareness to your school/college/company…

Maybe I’d agree with you if the depictation of sex in media were about creation, but as it is, the presentation of sex is most often about personal pleasure and rarely any of the other aspects of intercourse.
The way I see it, both are equally gratuitous the way they are currently used in entertainment.

Hear, hear!

As many would argue that violence has its place in the right instances (i.e. the defense of secular democracy) but is overall something to be avoided, so too I argue that sex is, for men of a certain disposition, as destructive outside its preferred circumstances – that is, a mutually loving emotional relationship.

How often indeed do you see in popular media a serious portrayal of the realisitic nature of “creation”: the raising of children? This is not to imply that procreation is the only proper goal of sex, which is a silly thing to believe, only to suggest that you find a new word for the display of sexual gratification in public arenas.

That said, here in America we get an overwhelming amount of both these soulless pursuits.

But when men do it, they’re the king of the office block. "Male prostitutes? WOW, you can get paid for sex!? "

My hair is short enough already, darnit. >:(