Seres Victoria has a smashing pair of...


You expected something dirty, didn’tcha?

that is indeed a nice pair of guns

I kinda like the huge rack too. You know, the one on her back.

Thats so god damn cool

Those things are frickin’ huge!


I seriously want to know how she walks with all that weight.

Man, those guns look too big… and look how they are about to bust out…

Vampire. Inhuman strenght. Easy.

That is the coolest picture, ever…ever.

those huge guns are too much for most guys to handle so they just leave her alone…and then on top of it she carries shells in the rack of hers…

Personally I’d go with the Jackal over the Harkonnen… but whatever floats your boat and kills your vampires works, I suppose.

dude id so rather go with the casull over the jackal but yes true the jackal beats the harkonnen in my book as well…but yeah i have a gurps(its like D&D) character that hs dual 500mm longslides that shoots an exploding bullet and the other does a armor peircing bullet so its like the casull and jackal…its good stuff the both do 6d+1d exploding or pericing…(6d means roll 6 dice…) its god with those guns im a force to be reckoned with. :enguard:

That frikin PWNes.

Nice boobs.

id hit it…am i the only one? no i doubt i am…also…i think it would rock to be a vampire…

I dont think I could bring my self to “hit it” with a vampire, I mean, beyond the nice “sexy” appeal that they have, your forgetting one VITAL thing here… THE BODY IS DEAD…

um yeah…

It’s one thing to say, man, it’d be great to sex me up a vampire…

but people get pitchforks and torches when you say it like: Man, I’d like to sex me up some dead girl who’s only way to sustain her physical existance is to drink the blood of the living! OOoh undead chicks make me so hot!


Wouldn’t “hitting it” with a vampire(or any undead for that matter) be considered necrophiliacy…?

Yes, but whitewolf fans glorify it. Go figure.

well still id like to be a vampire…i wonder if vampires can have babies…its never really been addressed…i mean in the blade world yesthey can, and it seems in the “underworld” setting they can have babies… but im not so much sure of the hellsing stance on babies…other than eating them