Sega to come back into the console business?

Alcohol, yay.

Ah yes, the now-infamous “big Sega announcement” for E3, which everyone thought would be Shenmue 3- will it actually be a new console?

…It’d bomb, but I’d buy one. :slight_smile:

masterbates at the idea of a new sega console

It would rule.

Psh, it’d bomb about as much as Dreamcast did. Oh, wait…

I have a Dreamcast, and I like my Dreamcast. Personaly, I think the main reason that Sega’s later consoles flopped was not enough GREAT games. It’d be hard, but they may be able to pull a console off.

Here’s hoping for a new Shinning Force. ^^

Dreamcast’s failure can be summed up fairly quickly- no EA sports games. If EA had signed on, Dreamcast would’ve quickly finished off the PS1 IMO- as it was, the masses simply kept buying the FIFA/NFL etc. games and ignoring the DC. :frowning:

Eh. I don’t like sports games.

Dude, the woman was drunk. What if she said Sega because the alcohol made her forget about SEGA being out of the console business?

I wouldn’t trust a (certain) drunk computer games salesman to remeber that. He would even force that Sega was making consoles.

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(Don’t Tell him about that)

:ulty: comprehensible sentence plz.

Here’s how Sega’s been screwing up.

Been drinking with Said computer games salesman and…

He would even force the opinon that Sega was making consoles.

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Look i doing well just to spell correctly. (i want to spell just as gust)

Ah, well … at least you aren’t as incomprehensible as SOME people who’ve tried posting here while drunk … >_>

My speak is actucally F**ked up. I’ve typed some ok stuff wilst very sleepy.

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EDIT: My speech is actucally F**ked up.

Sega wouldn’t drop out of the console market and then jump back in so quickly. And teh Dreamcast failed because it was an awful console. It was, like the Saturn, too early for it’s time and the controllers were awful. The only games the damn thing had were either the Marvel Vs SF/Capcom and a couple of RPGs and the Sonic series.

<img src=>heh, I’m I the only one in the world who still thinks the dreamcast was cool? I do still actualy play it and i thought overall it was allright.

Your right about sega releasing it to early, if they waited a bit longer they could have made some improvements and probly have made it quite popular.

The DC was actually pretty good. I agree that it didn’t have enough great games though. Jumping back in so soon would be stupid. There market is already crowded with 3 strong systems. I would want one, but I probably wouldn’t get it, same with the DC for me. In fact, I got my DC used for cheap and only for Shenmue.

Actually Orian, the Dreamcast only bombed in America. They actually still make a fair amount of games for the Dreamcast in Japan. :stuck_out_tongue:

If this prophecy doesnt come to be, than TDs blood cease to remain in his body.

I second that! And the same goes for anyone who uses “speak” as a noun!