Sega to come back into the console business?

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To be honest, I would love for Sega to make a new console. The more, the merrier. It’d be interesting to have some of the older games remade for the new console, such as…

New games for the series of:

Shining Force
Uncharted Waters
Phantasy Star (non-online)
Shadowrun (yes, I liked it)
another Record of Lodoss War
and possibly another Ecco the Dolphin

Well, considering it’s the games that are important, I couldn’t care less whether or not Sega gets back into the hardware biz. Actually wait, I do care. I’d prefer them not to, because I can’t really afford any new consoles, but I do like some of their games, so I’d rather be able to continue to play them on the consoles I do own.

They should not do it,not only do i have no money to buy a new console but also i believe it just might flop,at least in america.What they should do is say that they are making Shenmue 3 and Sonic Adventure 3 for all three consoles and releasing Shenmue 1 and 2 for PS2 and GC.

Yeah, you do have a point. I’d never be able to afford another console (still needing a new PS2 actually…).

I agree. They should release Sega games on the other platforms instead of getting back into the console business. They’d still make money off of the games since people would want to play them, and they wouldn’t just drop out again if they are unsuccessful at their attempt.

I think if anything console-wise, they should either re-release the Sega CD or Master System, or team up with an existing console maker instead of releasing their own console.

Well. Sega has already released ‘new’ hardware in a sense. The released the ‘atomiswave’ arcade board with sammy a few months ago.

You can check it out in the neo store on, <a href=“”>link</a>

It is the arcade iteration of the Dreamcast, but with many modifications.

There has also been alot of talk of sega maybe releasing a home-kit type deal for the atomiswave hardware. Sort of like the neo is the homekit for MVS.

If that is the deal, then yea, i guess sega will be entering the console market again.

But given the fact that the running price for the arcade board version of the hardware is 500-800 dollars(us) for the board only, i doubt the home version could be mass produced much cheaper. And i dont think many gamers are going to turn over a shitload of money for a system from a twice dead company.

Also, the announcement is coming on the 12th of may, at E3. So, yea, watch slashdot or whatever game news site you visit on 12 may, to see what it is.

But my money is on a home-kit atomiswave.

EDIT-<a href=“”>Official sammy information page for the arcade version of the atomiswave</a>