School. Is. Over.

It’s over. 12 years of dedicated, if somewhat sloppy work is over.

Finals? Done. And passed.
Courses? Completed. With glee.
An immense amount of partying? Tonight! :wink:

Anyways… Three weeks or so and I start workin’ on my summerjob again, and I’ll work as much as possible.

Two months of that and…

The first weekend of June, it’s time for my graduation party.

The rest of the year? Working some more. Perhaps I’ll apply to another studying place and put it on hold since it’s compulsory military service time next year. I do intend to put the money from my summer job on a nice trip to some country… maybe even an RPGCer country…

Anyone else graduating this year?


Let’s go light up a doobie and watch porn.

You need to graduate to be able to do that?


But I graduate next year :\

Me too. Im even putting a request in to graduate early in January instead of June. So this time next year…I will be out of school for two months already. Yay!

Graduated a year ago, 2.5 years or so to go until I’m finished with this college, then hopefully another 14 months in a different one (if that fails, 3 years in a different different one).

Staying an extra year. The frikkin school couldn’t get me into one of the mandatory classes I need.

Cool, Mabat. I’m graduating this year too, but in December, heh.

I have another year before I get my Bachelors in Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems. I don’t know if I can get all my classes in time, so I’ll probably end up going anohter year to finish. I’m considering going for a minor in Healthcare Management Systems anyway though.

On Friday I have ten weeks left to graduation. On Wednesday I have one week left to Easter Break. Then 4.5 weeks to an extra long weekend and then… Not that I’m counting or anything.

Graduated high school last year. 5 years until I’m done college, assuming everything goes according to plan…

Graduating in a month, and again in a year and a month, and I graduated a year and 8 months ago… I simply luuuuuv graduation. mainly cuz it’s just another reason to hang out with friends and get drunk…

Grattis Mabat, ha det så kul på festen! :yipee:

I graduated last year (thank God). Now I only have several more agonizing years of college to go…then many decades of actual work…and let’s not forget having a family…and losing my mind to Alzeihmers (it’s spelled wrong, but who cares)…

God, life sucks.

I’m a graduate of 2003.
Have fun. Don’t spam the forums while drunk.

I’m graduating at the end of June from Game Design :slight_smile: :mwahaha:

Congrats’ My Bat Seeker! You’ve just went through twelve years of hell! What are you going to do next?!?!!!

Awesome man, how fun/boring/easy/hard is it?

Also: I graduate next year, and then go on to a Tech school for Film and Game Design and Development

I leave school in June, and then providing I pass one of my exams. I’m off to university in September.

I’m graduating in one month an a half, i could not be any happier :yipee:


I have a night of partying behind…

My next mission is to get a drivers licence before anything else…

The next 7 days are critical for that :smiley: