Sandwich favorates

Hey everybody, my question is, what is your favorate type of Sandwich?

Me, i like the ruben! That would be corn beef, sourkraut, 1000 island dressing, all on dark rye. How about you guys?

A minimal slice of meat + tomato + green beans.

Ye Olde Grilled Cheese. :hahaha;

I hate sandwiches. Gimme a bagel.

My favourite type of sandwich is the horizontal people sandwich.

The grilled cheese is also a favorite of mine, but once I had a sandwich that I called “The Best Sandwich Ever!”. It consisted of thinly sliced chicken breast, baby spinach, watercress, Brie, tomato (which I removed, therefore making it the best sandwich ever), mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and a balsamic glaze, all on toasted French bread. I got it at a sandwich shop in Bloomington when my ex and I decided to drive to IU just for kicks. Oh, the memories…

… So, anyway, grilled cheese rocks!

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My favourite type of sandwich is the horizontal people sandwich.

Hades: the other white meat.

Mmm, sammich… I have no idea, really. I love all kinds of different sanwiches! The food kind.

There’s this little deli in New Haven, CT, called Peppercorn’s (yes, the same name as what I dubbed everyone when I joined). They have these awsome wraps! Any of the things there are my favorotie. Otherwise the subway Italian BMT (BMT, not BLT…I don’t know what it stands for) which has like ham, pepperoni, lettuce, american cheese, olives, oil and vinigar, and maybe some tomattos. It’s so good.

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Ye Olde Grilled Cheese. :hahaha;

We think so much alike GG, its scary :eek: .

The “whatever the hell I have laying around the house that can be put between bread without much effort or preparation” sandwich.

nothing beats two rashers of bacon and brown sauce :hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

BLT with Steak and Mayo served ala Sub.

Submarine with as little meat as possible. 8)

o_0 brown sauce?
I like almost any sandwich like grilled cheese, tunafish, underwood brand stuff(has a devil on the label must mean its evily good), turkey club sorta thing, meatbull sub with more cheese then sauce ;p, barbecue rib sandwich, fried egg sandwich sometimes, uh no one has mentioned a cheeseburger or such. Could it be classified as a sandwich?

A bacon and egg sandwich for me.:moogle:

Roule cheese. But other cheeses will suffice as long as they aren’t cheddar or contain meat.

Cheese and brown sauce. You can’t beat brown sauce.

Bing:BLT stands for:Baloney,lettuce,and tomato.(If i got the baloney wrong please correct me)

As for me,i like all kinds of sandwiches but specially the sub kind.

You got the baloney wrong, its bacon.